Where in Michigan can you find affordable houses?

When it comes to setting roots, it’s very important to choose the right place to call home. Your environment has to be friendly, affordable with plenty of possibilities to exploit. Therefore, your new home needs to fulfill all of your expectations. But also, it should offer a high quality of life with a low cost of living. Choosing Michigan as your future living destination is a great idea since there are so many things moving here can offer. From affordable houses to welcoming communities and educational centers, The Great Lake States is one of the best places to live.

Do research about the housing market

Getting familiar with the housing market and the following factors that could influence your home choice is very important. Your future home investment needs to check all the boxes for an affordable and quality life. Things you should especially pay attention to are:

  • location,
  • demographic,
  • the economy and job market,
  • costs of living,
  • medium home prices

Exploring all these factors is crucial for having a complete image of your future live amenities to get the best from the environment. Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned aspects, Michigan offers some amazing options that will save you money, whether it comes to cost-effective commercial move or residential relocation.

Lansing – the capital of education in Michigan

If you ever wondered why Michigan is associated with car manufacture, Lansing is the city where it all started. But the car industry is not the only thing this place is famous for. The community of Lansing is proud to be home to Michigan State University (MSU), one of the top research colleges in the US. Therefore, it’s no wonder this city is crawling with young people.

A building view of city in Michigan
Besides affordable houses, Michigan offers some of the best private universities in the US, like Davenport University

The L-Town might be Wolverine State capital, but it also has the most affordable housing in Michigan. If you’re thinking about buying a home here, believe it or not, it would be 47% less costly than the national average median house price. Pretty great for living in the capital city. That way you get to enjoy all the amenities the big city can offer and live in a budget-friendly place.

Canton – Michigan’s farming center

When talking about the best location in Michigan, Canton is the place to be. It is a fast-growing community with vibrant culture and a great deal of entertainment and recreational amenities. And the best thing is, it’s less than 10 miles away from Detroit and Ann Arbor. This place is also called “Sweet Corn Capitol of Michigan” because, for the past 100 years, Canton has been the biggest producer of corn and dairy products in the state. Therefore, it became a home to countless large and small agricultural and manufacturing businesses, which makes it the perfect place for putting down the roots.

And if you consider Canton as your new living destination, there are some great housing options. The median house income in this area is near $300,000, which is a lot, comparing to Lansing. However, owning a house in Canton is basically living in Detroit, which makes the houses affordable, if we take into consideration the location. Investing some extra money in your new home is smart because there are always other ways of saving money when it comes to moving. If you find crews in the area to help you with your relocation, you will not only save some money but also have locals to help you get around in your new neighborhood.

Battle Creek – historical vibe

Situated in Southwest Michigan, this city can offer you everything you need. From young professionals to retirees, it’s easy to call this place home. Famous for its rich history, this city evolved from a small village market to a major industrial center in the 19 century. Today, Battle Creek is amateur sports capital, university center, and international business center. But, one of the best things about Battle Creek is its affordable houses.

One of affordable houses for sale.
There are plenty of architectural choices when it comes to buying a house in Battle Creek

Here, the median home value is around $83,900, and there is a great housing market. From simple homes to historical architecture mansions, this is a great place to live and raise your family in. But also, a lot of single people find their home here too, since there are plenty of opportunities for career-oriented people as well.

Menominee – affordable houses for retirement

Menominee is located on the border with Wisconsin, on the southernmost tip of the upper peninsula. It is a cozy little district rich with Native American history landmarks and outstanding outdoors. Since we are talking about the huge waterfront, this place is famous for its water sports, fishing, sailing, camping, and hiking. And the best thing is, the median home value in Menominee is $73,400. Affordable houses and a healthy lifestyle make Menominee the perfect place if you’re looking for a place to retire.

Birmingham – the best place to raise a family

Birmingham is a charming suburb of Detroit. Due to very affordable housing, this Detroit city suburb has one of the highest rates of homeowners. And often when walking down the Birmingham streets you can feel the lively vibe since it’s filled with amazing restaurants and cute shops. Buying a property here is especially recommendable for young families since lots of children playing in the park it’s not a rare sight to see.

A family playing in Birmingham park.
If looking for a family home, Birmingham is the place for you

And the best of all is, when you decide to move to charming Birmingham, you can always count on local help. When starting a new life chapter in your new home, settle in with neighbors’ assistance, because that way you can save some money and maybe throw a big housewarming party to get to know your community faster.

Holland – the city of tulips!

If you are a fan of the Netherland, there is no better place to be than Holland! This city was founded by Dutch settlers and it very much nurtures their European heritage. This town is particularly alive in spring when flowers are blooming. Therefore, it’s no wonder Holland has one of the worldwide famous flower parades – The Tulip Time. Imagine miles and miles of tulip-lined streets during the festivals. It’s a rare sight. Plus, with its white-sand beaches and very affordable houses, Holland is the perfect place if you ever wanted to have a dreamy beach house.

A final tip when finally choosing one of the Michigans amazing, affordable houses

Every future homeowner has their own needs when buying a house. But often we get blinded by the first impression and oversee some issues our property might have. There are plenty of affordable houses in Michigan but we can never be careful enough when it comes to taking precautions with real estate. To avoid these things, consider is hiring a home inspector before the purchase. That way you can eliminate all possible hidden problems and expenses when it comes to your new home.

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