Ways to deal with difficult tenants

Difficult tenants can be a nightmare for every landlord but there are ways to deal with them without adding more stress to an already difficult situation. Your top priority is of course your house/apartment or any other real estate you might be renting to them. There is one thing you can do before you start renting your place in order to protect yourself and your property. Read on to see what.

Communication is the key

We know that it can be difficult at times but try to be calm, objective, and rational when talking to your difficult tenants. Teach them how you want to be treated and how to speak to you. Set your rules right away and stick by them. If you find a way to communicate you can talk your way through anything and find a way to resolve any problems and some common ground. Of course, sometimes that won’t be possible and you should know that it’s not your fault. Some people are just difficult even after you tried to be friends with them.

people arguing
Try to stay calm while talking to your tenants.

Get a lawyer to help you with a contract

This will be the smartest choice if you are planning to rent your property. Find a good and reliable lawyer to help you make a contract. That contract will be a legally binding document and it will protect you, your property, and your tenants of course. All your rules and all their rights need to be there so you are on the same page. Give your tenants to read the document carefully before signing it. That way all of you will be on the same page and they cant say that they didn’t understand your rules.

If nothing else works

If nothing else works you can always ask your difficult tenants to leave. This is your property and if you are in the right you can begin the eviction process. It’s even ok if you don’t want them to rearrange the furniture. They need to respect that if you told them early on. Make sure that you do everything that is agreed upon in a lease and the contract both parties signed. You shouldn’t feel guilty if this step is needed. Sometimes it’s out of your hands.

A girl stressed out behind her computer looking for some ways to deal with difficult tenants.
Sometimes saying go away is the only solution.

The subletters

This is something you must not allow and this is a good enough reason to evict someone from your property. You surely do not want someone else in your home. Someone you have not personally vetted. Make this clear from the very first day as part of the lease agreement and keep the lines of communication open so nothing like this can happen.

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