Ways to Check the Value of Your Knoxville Property

If you ever wanted to learn how to check the value of your Knoxville property, you came to the right place. That is what we will explore in this article. There are many reasons why somebody wants to check the value of their property, the main one being wanting to sell it. Knowing the actual value of your property helps you set a reasonable price that will attract buyers. Or you might decide to add some upgrades once you learn the price. You also might need to know the cost of your property for many other legal and financial reasons. Whatever the reason is, it’s essential to understand how exactly to do it. We will list some of the best ways to check the value of your Knoxville property, but it will be up to you to decide which one works best for you.

Check the value of your Knoxville property using one of these options

If you are, for example, thinking of moving from Tennessee to another state and are searching for a trusted moving team, it probably means you are also in the process of selling your current home. That also means you will need someone to help you check the value of your property, and these are your best options:

  • Use the internet (Zillow, Redfin, Trulia)
  • Hire a home appraiser
  • Get an excellent real estate agent

Utilize the internet

The first of many ways to check the value of your Knoxville property is to use the internet. We live in an age where everything is only a few clicks away, including finding your home’s value. You can use some excellent websites such as Zillow, Redfin, or Trulia. These websites use a lot of data to estimate, including the price of homes sold in your neighborhood or the number of rooms you have. Another pro is that they are simple, and most only require your exact address. That is also a very budget-friendly option. However, there is also a con to using these websites, which concerns accuracy. While these websites are excellent, they are not 100% accurate because they simply don’t have all the details that affect a home’s value. That’s why it is best to only take the information from these websites as a rough estimate.

A home appraisal is the way to go

While websites like Zillow are reasonable, we already said that they are not entirely accurate. It is precisely because professional home appraisers have a better, more direct approach to a home they are appraising. An appraiser doesn’t only research the sales of a home in your neighborhood but also does an in-person inspection where he considers all the details of your home. The key here is to find a good quality home appraiser. They are supposed to be unbiased, analytical, and well-educated.

So before hiring a pro appraiser, you should ask him a few questions like: How much experience do you have? Can you provide references from a past client? What certifications do you have? That is how you will know who to hire. This option is a little pricier than the last but more accurate.

Get a good real estate agent

One more way to check the value of your Knoxville property is by hiring a good real estate agent. A good realtor will help you with the entire selling process and also give you an estimate of your home’s value. They will achieve that by doing a comparative market analysis. First, your realtor will have to gather certain information. That will include evaluating the quality of the neighborhood your home is in. Learning about the opportunities in your neighborhood, whether there are schools nearby, etc. After that real estate agent will visit your home and gather more information. He will take note of the size of your home, the condition it is in, how well-constructed it is, etc.

After he gathers that information, the realtor will choose a few houses from your neighborhood similar to yours that have sold recently. After finishing the comparative market analysis, the realtor can tell you the value of your Knoxville property.

Want to check the value of your Knoxville property- That is how to prepare

Before committing to any of these options for home evaluation, you should take some steps to prepare- It’s essential that you make sure your home looks the best it possibly can, and you can achieve that by putting a little effort in. First, you must ensure your home is nicely cleaned and organized. The next step is decluttering and removing anything that makes your home look messy and cramped. After that, check your home for any minor repairs that need to be done and make sure you fix them. Also, don’t forget the outside of your home because the exterior is just as important as the interior. Mow your lawn, do some landscaping, organize your garage, etc. This will help you get the results you want.

In conclusion

These are the best ways to check the value of your Knoxville property. There are some more affordable options, like using a website such as Zillow or Redfin. But there are also pricier options, like hiring a pro appraiser to give you a more accurate estimate of your home’s value. If you don’t like those two options, you can always opt for a well-experienced realtor who will do a comparative market analysis and estimate your home’s value that way. Whatever option you choose will help you set a good price if you ever sell your home.

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