Top-notch neighborhoods in Woodcliff Lake for young parents

A lot of young parents actually relocate before they start a family or just soon after they do. This is because there are certain places in the country that are more suitable for raising children than in other places. And if you were searching for a new town to call home and for your children to love, consider Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. This is a charming borough in Bergen County. It is very small which means that not a lot of people live here. And for certain young parents, this is the perfect environment for raising children – a small, peaceful, quiet, charming, lovely, safe town. And Woodcliff Lake truly is the perfect town for raising children. This is why moving here with a family is what we suggest doing. And hence why we decide to write about some of the top-notch neighborhoods in Woodcliff Lake for young parents. Not a lot is there to be found about this lovely borough online so we decided to fill in the sources.

Why does Woodcliff Lake attract people with children?

This question is both very easy and very hard to answer. This might confuse you but this is only because living in Woodcliff Lake comes with so many pros that it would take us a long time to tell you about all of them. But luckily, we can include all you need to know in just a couple of sentences.

A mum holding and kissing her daughter in her arms.
Families love living in Woodcliff Lake.

Woodcliff is a very family-friendly town with a lot of family-friendly activities. This is a small town as we already mentioned and not a lot of people live here. This makes the town very peaceful and quiet. This is great for people with babies. Taking your child for a walk will always be a pleasant activity as not a lot of people are to be seen on the streets of Woodcliff Lake. And the people who you see are also parents with children just like you or retired elderly people. There are actually a lot of young people with families living here as this is a borough in New Jersey located just a couple of hours of driving away from New York City. This suits a lot of people as taking family trips to New York City is always a possibility. Plenty of families from NYC moved to Woodcliff Lake this year because of everything that has been going on.

Wood Dale County Park

One thing people love about living in Woodcliff Lake is the fact that there are plenty of places around town where you can spend some quality time with your family enjoying nature. And it is exactly what the neighborhood around Wood Dale County Park offers. This is an amazing park that can serve you well for a lot of things. You can take a walk, jog around the park, have a picnic, take your kids here too, they will love the park. There’s also a small lake in the park as well which makes it even more interesting.

Family fishing by a lake.
There are plenty of fun things to do in Woodcliff Lake.

There are plenty of amazing homes to be found around this park. But have in mind that this is a part of town where everyone wants to live and that finding a home here can last a long time. Plus, you also have to consider the fact that homes here aren’t very affordable. In fact, the entirety of Woodcliff Lake is very expensive when it comes to housing. But this is very understandable considering the quality of lifestyle that you will be living here if you decide to move to Woodcliff Lake.  And moving should, of course, be done by professional movers. And if you already live here, look for a local company to help you move to another part of town. Beware of scammer moving companies though.

Chestnut Ridge Road

Chestnut Ridge Road is a big street in Woodcliff Lake. But the neighborhood surrounding this street is one of the best neighborhoods in Woodcliff Lake for young parents. It has so much to offer. It is located furthest away from NYC meaning that it is located on the far north of the part of town. Woodcrest Drive is where you will find a lot of beautiful homes. Here’s where you have a very good shopping district nearby where you can purchase a lot of things. So, if moving into a smaller home, make sure you declutter it because this district is where you will find plenty of great things to buy for your new home.

Suburb street.
This is a suburban town.

There’s also a great kindergarten in this part of town. This is very important to pay attention to if you have a child. The same way safety of your belongings is a priority when picking movers to hire, have your children in mind when picking a neighborhood to move to, and make their satisfaction a priority. If hiring movers, the move will be easier. And if adjusting to your child’s needs, raising it will be easier.

Wermius Road

Last but certainly not least would be the neighborhood around Wermius Road. This is like the main street in Woodcliff Lake as it is in the center of the town and that it is very long and big. There are plenty of small streets on the sides of Wermius Road. Another reason why you should move here if you have a child is the fact that you have a great elementary school just a few minutes away from Wermius Road.

Having everything close to you comes with a lot of pros. You will be able to finish everything that needs to be done and get plenty of rest as well. And isn’t this something we all truly want? You should also want to make your relocation easier therefore read some hacks before moving. Even if not moving to one of the neighborhoods in Woodcliff Lake for young parents, moving tips are necessary.

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