Top 7 kid-friendly outdoor activities in New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey is one of the best decisions you can make if you have a family and children. This is one of the states that is perfectly located and has it all. Its proximity to NYC makes it a highly sought-after destination. People are even regularly fleeing NYC in favor of NJ. In addition, its weather, food, people beaches, and beauty all add to the desirability of Jersey. Jersey is particularly welcoming to families and children. Why? Well, there is much it offers. So, let’s see what it is and what are the most kid-friendly outdoor activities in New Jersey. these just might be the reason to move here.

New Jersey and kid-friendly outdoor activities in New Jersey

Well NJ is often overlooked due to its proximity to New York. The big apple is usually the magnet for many people looking for a dynamic lifestyle and business opportunities. But New Jersey is due to this proximity able to offer a great compromise. This is why today Jersey is a small, state with a high density of people living in it. People that move here are usually young professionals, freelancers, and families that seek career opportunities in NYC. However, these people still strive to live the more peaceful lifestyle that Jersey offers. So, they regularly commute to Manhattan and then come back to the relatively peaceful atmosphere of New Jersey where they can get away from the bustle of the big city.

To these people, New Jersey offers a much slower pace than New York and a much-needed relaxing atmosphere. Jersey is well known for its laid-back and a bit of a small-town feel. It has the most beautiful nature as well as a beautiful shoreline. In addition, Garden State has plenty of small towns and cities with great and beautiful parks and neighborhoods with tree-lined streets. The education system is great, the state is peaceful with a low crime rate. All of this makes it perfect for families and children of all ages. So, moving here with your family can be a great decision.

Liberty Park
With plenty of parks and other outdoor amenities Jersey is perfect for families

But before you start planning your relocation great to know Jersey better. The best advice from  is not to rush into your move. Make sure to explore your new potential home and do proper planning of the process. With this in mind, you can make a move to New Jersey a breeze.

To New Jersey with kids

New Jersey is a perfect place for families with children. But before you move here with your kids you should know what to expect. The state offers a lot throughout the year. there are all four seasons, beautiful landscapes, and diverse nature that is a perfect setting for any kind of outdoor activity. So, let’s explore some of the amenities and attractions this state offers. Here you will find some of the most kid-friendly outdoor activities in New Jersey. These will be the perfect reason to move your family to Jersey.

  • Jersey Shore
  • Turtle Back Zoo — West Orange
  • Adventure Aquarium — Camden
  • Parasailing Experience and beaches — Atlantic City
  • Liberty State Park — Jersey City
  • Liberty Science Center — Jersey City
  • Keansburg Amusement Park

Jersey Shore

Jersey SDitre offers an opportunity to witness the beauty of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. If you are living in Jersey you must not skip a 3-hour excursion around Cape May during which you can go whale watching. During the tour, you will have a first-class history lesson about the area and the wildlife and nature here. This tour provides a good time and a top-notch experience for the whole family.

Atlantic City boat on the beach
The Jersey Shore offers plenty of kid-friendly outdoor activities in New Jersey

Turtle Back Zoo

Turtle Back Zoo located in West Orange offers plenty of exhibits and attractions. It is home to some of the most exotic species from all over the world. You can see and experience close encounters with various land and sea creatures. However, popular attractions at this zoo are also mini golf, the train ride pony ride as well as other kid-oriented activities.

Adventure Aquarium

One of the best family outings you can have in Jersey is the visit to the aquarium. The aquarium has one of the largest shark collections on the east coast as well as another 15000 animals to see. There s a lot to experience and learn about ocean life in this awuarium. This Camden facility offers a walk underwater through a domed observatory and provides fun interaction with the blue penguins that are residents at the aquarium

Atlantic city beach fun activities

If you pay a visit to Atlantic city there is a lot to experience at the beach. the beach has plenty of fun activities to offer to the children. Besides taking a dip you can take advantage of some of the best family-oriented places and activities. You can also hit the famous boardwalk if the biach fun is not for you. Also do not miss the parasailing experience at over 500 feet above the ocean. Majority of the these activities are suitable for children of all ages except parasailing of course.

Liberty State Park

You can enjoy some outdoor family fun in The Liberty State park located in Jersey City. The park offers a quiet place for spending time with the whole family. This is one of the reasons people move here. Once you find the right movers you can dive deeper into NJ. This park has huge historical importance and also offers stunning views of NYC over the Hudson River making Nj just the right choice for your family’s move.

Adventure Aquarium is one of the best kid-friendly outdoor activities in New Jersey
Spend a day at the aquarium for some great family time

Liberty Science Center

The science center offers a perfect combination of a learning experience and an outdoor amusement park. Liberty science center offers a variety of scientific exhibits and hands-on experiments offering an unparalleled fun way to learn new things. The center is spread out over 30000 square feet and boasts a state-of-the-art planetarium.

Keansburg Amusement Park

This amusement park is the perfect hotspot for kids of all ages. besides the beach, it offers an assortment of attractions. You can enjoy a haunted house, go-carts, and arcades but also enjoy the water park and fishing pier.

Jersey is a perfect place for families

With so many kid-friendly outdoor activities in New Jersey, it is clear why families flock here. Jersey is a perfect place in which any family can find its place and settle comfortably after moving.


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