Top 5 nursery decoration ideas

Decorating a nursery for your firstborn is an amazing experience. Also, it’s the best bonding ritual. Preparing a nursery for your second or third is also amazing, but you are already very experienced by then. Chances are you already know very well all the things you will be needing and what works the best. So let’s see what nursery decoration works best for you together. You need to be prepared for your baby.

The nursery must-haves that can be very decorative

There are some items that will make those first months with a newborn easier.

  • burp cloths – you will be needing lots of them, they are so useful
  • nursing pillow – this can be a part of the nursery decorations as they come in so many patterns
  • rocker for a baby – they can be so stylish, just check out some of the 4moms solutions
  • onesies – ok this is not a part of nursery decoration but they are so useful, especially the ones with a zipper
  • plushies – check out jellycat plushies, they are the softest and you have so much to choose from
  • cute sheets for the crib, make sure that you have fitted sheets, they are safe for the baby
  • the crib – if you want to save some money but still have good quality crib go to IKEA, model Gulliver is very popular
A nursery
Finishing the nursery decor means you are one step closer to meeting your baby.


Old fashioned take would be to wait until you find the gender and do baby blue or baby pink walls. But this is very outdated. Gender-neutral colors are more pleasing to the eye. Pastels can be great. Having an accent wall can also be amazing and very decorative. Some prefer to paint cute little clouds or so. Another great idea for an accent wall – paint it partially or whole in chalk black so you can draw with your little one.

Black and white decoration ideas

Newborns are not able to see colors. They are very attracted to black and white. So make sure that you have some black and white decorations or rattles, toys, etc.

baby toys
Black and white toys are the best choice for newborns.

Changing table

The changing table is very useful. Especially if you just had a c-section. They are practical and can be very decorative. But make sure not to get a very big one. Except in the case you have a very big nursery then you are ok. In case you don’t have enough space for the changing table there are smaller versions that go on top of the crib. They are just as good and very practical.

Rocking chair

Every mom will love this. This will be the spot where you nurse your baby and rock her to sleep. So try to find a cozy one. You will choose the style to match the whole nursery. They are not a waste of money, as they do a lot of work for you especially in those teething days when they simply can’t settle on their own.

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