Top 5 cities in Kansas for single parents

Raising kids is not an easy task to do. There are many logistical, financial, and social problems to overcome. Single mothers and fathers especially have to be choosy when it comes to where they’re going to live. This is because they have to optimize opportunities and make parenting more feasible. So, if you’re located in Kansas, where should you move to if you want to give your children and yourself the nicest life possible? We decided to find out, and we put together this list of the top 5 cities in Kansas for single parents.

We wanted to make this as scientific as we could. Therefore, we focused on a few factors for which professionals say are of utmost importance. Here’s what those are.

  • Ease of commute – Access to good public transportation and low traffic density are the two things that can make going and coming from work much easier. No one needs to spend an extra hour of an already full day picking up kids from daycare.
  • Economic feasibility – The cost of living shouldn’t be higher than the annual earnings for a single woman or man. So, you won’t have to find new tips for negotiating a relocation package when moving to any cities on our list.
  • Kid and family-friendly – Some cities are more family-friendly than others. So, we decided to focus on the places where your kids will have the best educational opportunities and options for daycare and babysitters.


The first city on our list probably won’t surprise anyone living in Kansas long enough. Leawood is considered to be the best place to live in Kansas for quite some time. However, on top of that, it’s also named the best city in the state of Kansas to raise a family. So, we couldn’t do anything else than put it in the first place.

We talked to residents, and from what we heard, we can understand why this place is so desirable. It’s a tight-knit community that makes Leawood a remarkably special place to call home. The charming style of houses and the pride with which people talk about their properties only adds to the overall appeal of the city.

The statistics check out also. It ranks very strongly in areas like safety, affordability, education, and amenities. The crime rate here is well below the national average, which is always a good thing. The schools here are the best in the area because they spend quite a bit per student.

So, if you’re determined to get only the best for your children, look no further from Leawood. Pack all your belongings, or call professionals to do it for you as finding assistance can save your time, and get ready for life in the best city in the whole of Kansas.

Man wearing a hat.
Among other things, a strong community is why Leawood is among the top 5 cities in Kansas for single parents.

Prairie Village

Bordering Leawood to the north, a small city endearingly named Prairie Village is home to 21,000 people. Although it’s a city on paper, in reality, this is a small, homely neighborhood. And there are quite a few reasons why it’s on our list of the top 5 cities in Kansas for single parents.

When it comes to the costs of owning a house, the situation is much better than in the city we just talked about. The median home price here doesn’t exceed $210,000. This is very affordable considering the quality of life you’re getting by moving here. Additionally, Prairie Village has an outstanding collection of 19 highly-rated public schools.

It’s worth mentioning that the average household income here is around $80,000, so the suburb is much more accessible and more diverse than you might expect. Proximity to Kansas City and ease of commuting are another two selling points that locals are quick to mention. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, you can start consulting move out cleaning checklist as you won’t spend much more time in your current apartment.


To some, Lawrence may seem like another small city in Kansas. However, it’s a lot more than just that. This is a unique town with a rich history and a strong sense of community. One of the things that make it special is that there’s something for everyone here.

The so-often-talked-about community from Lawrence revolves around arts, culture, education, and fun. So, it’s an ideal place for any kid to grow up. Public schools in the area are outstanding, and the main topics they focused on are diversity and inclusion. The Lawrence Arts Center is a place where you and your kids can enjoy exhibits, performances, or get additional knowledge in their arts education program.

Since it’s located just 45 minutes from Kansas City and 30 minutes from Topeka, you can say that the city’s location is ideal for commuters. Local moving companies are more than considerate when it comes to new residents and they can help you with much more than just moving your belongings. So, if you decide to call this beautiful small town your home, make sure to reach out to people in the area before you start your journey.

Child's hand dipped in blue paint.
If your kids show affinities for arts, Lawrence is the place you want to be.


The suburb of Fairway is one of the most gorgeous areas of Kansas to live in. Especially if you, or your kids, are golf enthusiasts. When it comes to median home prices, the situation is similar to what we have in Leawood. So, the prices are a little bit above the national average. However, the average household income is also above the national midpoint.

This is an ideal place if you want to live essentially in Kansas City, but you want to be able to have a little bit more relaxed lifestyle. The public schools are highly rated, and the small community is almost a guarantee that your kids will have a happy and prosperous childhood. Sounds just like the place you’ve been looking for? Read these 5 moving hacks to make your relocation easier and start packing your stuff without worries.


And last but not least represent of our list is another suburb of Kansas City. Westwood is often described as the most desirable of all cities in Johnson County, regardless of it counting under two thousand residents. The crime rates are low, and the home prices are more than reasonable. That doesn’t mean that there are no expensive homes here, but you can find an affordable house that won’t lack any of the amenities you might want.

Classroom full of children.
Education is of utmost importance for our children, so all the cities on our list have outstanding schools.

Local schools in the area are all very good, and students get good scores on standardized tests with ease. All in all, Westwood is a safe and affordable place to live. And that’s why it found its’ place among the top 5 cities in Kansas for single parents.

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