Top 3 pieces of advice for Massachusetts homebuyers

We asked a realtor for advice for Massachusetts homebuyers and we got three things – location, location, location. This might be a joke but it’s the truth. Especially if you are buying a home as an investment. If you are buying a place for you and your family, then you don’t have to look at it from the money point of view. In that case, you can go with what works best for you and your family. Either way, we have three tips for you that can be of help.

You will need some help for house-hunting

Sure you can do some research on your own if you use any of the real estate websites like Zillow for example. You will be able to see every Massachusetts town and what’s available there. But this is not the way to approach this. If you are looking for that perfect home you should hire a real estate agent. They can find you more homes that an app can. Also, they can negotiate the price for you. There is no app or site that can do this. But an agent is not the only person you will be needing. While the realtor is looking for your new home you can find even more guides for homebuyers and keep researching.

Here to help sign for Massachusetts homebuyers
We can show you who can help you.

A home inspector can save you a lot of money and a potential fiasco

You saw this right. Hiring a home inspector can save you thousands of dollars so this is an amazing investment. We strongly recommend this for all Massachusetts homebuyers. We are not trained to spot covered areas. If the seller is not honest you can end up in a home full of mold and that is the worst solution. Your home inspector will see all potential red flags and tell you if the place is worth the money. When you are sure about the home you are buying, you can call to help you to move in.

There are plans for first-time homebuyers

Local, state, and federal governments all offer first-time homebuyers in Massachusetts some down payment assistance programs that can help them pay for the costs of buying a home and moving in. These are all the things you need to consider when buying a home. Borrowers’ income must be below a certain threshold (variable by location) and sometimes the purchase price of the home is capped for these types of programs. Consider the following potential additions to your mortgage, and discuss them with your loan officer:

  • State-specific assistance for new homeowners
  • Funding aimed at assisting those purchasing their first home
different kinds of money
Downpayment is usually about 10 or 15%.

Before we go

If you find a potential contender and are considering making an offer, it’s important to spell out any caveats that would allow you to back out. The results of the home inspection may reveal expensive problems, or your mortgage application may be denied. If you put these conditions and deadlines in writing, you’ll have a way out if the deal doesn’t go through as planned and you’ll get your earnest money back. Getting estimates from contractors for any necessary repairs or upgrades to the home before closing can be a smart move.

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