Top 10 Things Oregon is Famous For

It’s worth exploring Oregon’s varied landscape. The state of Oregon is a diverse travel destination, offering everything from the ocean to the mountains to the desert. If you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of all there is to see and do in Oregon, planning a vacation there might seem overwhelming. Oregon is home to several breathtaking natural attractions, including an old lake created by a volcanic explosion, a green valley overflowing with waterfalls, and several impressive sea stacks protruding from the ocean. Beautiful spots like this may be found around the state and provide exciting vacations. Besides its stunning landscapes, Oregon is famous for its many exciting metropolitan destinations. Oregon’s largest city, Portland, is known far and wide as a welcoming and unusual destination. Here are the top 10 things Oregon is famous for.

Crater Lake National Park

One of the most visited places in all of Oregon is Crater Lake National Park. As its name suggests, Crater Lake is located in a crater created when an old volcano collapsed. The virtually circular lake is fed by rainwater, which helps keep the lake’s bottom pristine. The lake’s brilliant blue color makes it a popular spot for summertime camping, strolls, and relaxation.

There are two small islands in the middle of the lake’s sapphire-blue waters, and the lake is surrounded by the high peaks and lava cliffs of Mount Mazama, which create a panoramic backdrop. For a more comprehensive look at the lovely lake, visitors are encouraged to take a drive around the lake on the round Rim Drive route.

A Carter Lake with a small island in the center since it is one of the things Oregon is famous for.
Carter Lake is the deepest lake in America, measuring 1943 feet.

Powell’s City of Books

In Portland, Oregon, you will find Powell’s City of Books, the largest bookstore of its kind in the world. It’s four floors tall and takes up a whole city block, and it houses somewhere around a million books. Although the sheer size of the internet might be intimidating at times, it’s worth it to go down the rabbit hole and lose track of time on purpose. Some of these works of literature are true works of art.

Powell’s book store.
The bookstore has over 1 million books on its shelves.

Mount Hood

Mount Hood, Oregon’s most famous volcano, is both stunning and potentially lethal. It has the highest potential for the eruption of any Oregon volcano. Even though the actual probability is between 3 and 7%, we still think taking the chance is worthwhile. Mount Hood, at over 11,000 feet, is Oregon’s highest summit. Ski runs, chalets, and hiking trails all contribute to its popularity.

Willamette Valley

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is often compared to California’s Napa Valley. More than half of Oregon’s vineyards and wineries, or more than 500 establishments, are located here. Spend several days here eating and drinking the region’s specialty, pinot noir, which hails from the Willamette Valley. If you’re visiting the Willamette Valley, relax in a hot spring after a day of wine tasting.

Willamette Valley’s vineyards.
The Willamette Valley is home to the biggest meteorite discovered in North America.

Oregon Trail

The iconic Oregon Trail computer game is one of many things Oregon is famous for. This was a strategy game in which the player was invited to embark on a covered wagon trip. Along the way, the player had to make crucial survival choices to avoid horrible fates such as being sick.

It should be no surprise that the game was based on the Oregon Trail. In the early to middle 1800s, travelers could take a route that spanned 2,000 miles from the Missouri River to the Oregon Valley. It was an important commercial route for the area’s early settlers, farmers, ranchers, and miners.

University of Oregon

Another prestigious Oregon establishment is the University of Oregon. This school’s dedication to academics and extracurricular activities is a major selling point, which is also one of the things Oregon is famous for. The Webfoots were officially replaced with the Ducks as the team’s mascot in 1978.

The Ducks have a strong reputation in a wide variety of different sports, but the unmistakable uniforms worn by the football team are unquestionably the feature of the club that is best known. The use of eye-catching hues and patterns on the uniforms helps the team stand out on the field.


Ashland is a picture-perfect city. The city is wrapped in beautiful gardens, and every corner is ornamented with a historic structure. Still, it’s also home to the world-famous yearly Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which draws die-hard Shakespeare enthusiasts from all over the globe. The Anne Elizabeth Theatre, which rivals the Globe, is located in the city. Once they have visited this place, many people decide to move there. If you’re one of them, you should know which moving mistakes to avoid. However, it’s easy to avoid potential mishaps. Many local taverns and restaurants are likewise old-English styles. You can’t visit Ashland without taking an evening walk downtown or the riverfront in quest of a Brown Ale.

Columbia River Gorge

To cut through the Cascades, the Columbia River is like a bullet. After 15 million years of intense river erosion, the gorge is one of the most stunning in the world. In addition to Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Highway offers stunning views of the river as it travels through the mountains. As amazing as the gorge hikes and kayak trips are, Crown Point has the best panoramic vistas.


The Ducks’ partnership with Nike is primarily responsible for their innovative fashion sense. The headquarters of this internationally renowned sports brand is located in the Portland suburb of Beaverton, Oregon.

Company founders include former University of Oregon track standout Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman. When they first started out, they were distributors for a Japanese shoe company. Later, they shifted to making their own. The company’s amazing products and creative marketing helped it grow into the sportswear giant it is today.

Voodoo Doughnuts

Portland is home to many excellent restaurants, but the iconic Voodoo Doughnut stands above the rest. The arrival of one of their signature pink boxes guarantees a tasty treat and is another one of the things Oregon is famous for. The company, which launched its namesake brand in 2000, now has nine locations across five US states. Grape Ape, Bacon Maple, Mango Tango, and Ring of Fire are just a few of the unique tastes that have customers lining up outside this eatery.

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