Tips for selling an antique Californian house

The world market is one big hive. You can find anything and everything. The biggest driver here is the idea and you will always have to have a better one and newer one, whatever you sell. When you observing things like this, the real estate market can be a special treat. People are selling different things and other people buy that. You can find old places, new ones, in many styles. The competition is relentless. Selling an antique Californian house may seem like an easy thing to do, especially if it is in a great location. On the field, this move will require more than just advertisement.

Sweet home in California

The golden state is one of the most popular countries in the world. It is located between Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Baja California, and a Pacific ocean. The proximity of the ocean, warm temperatures, and colorful culture attract people from all around the world. This makes California the most populous in the US and one of the most populous in the world. A great contribution to this gives Los Angeles area and San Francisco. People are also attracted by the greatest sub-national economy in the world based on trade and international-related commerce accounts, agriculture, and entertainment. The real estate market is flourishing in this condition, especially in the metropolitan areas and locations near the ocean. The more different you are, the better outcome will be. If you do it in the right way a step out a little, selling an antique Californian house can be an interesting project and experience.

Antique living room
Sell your antique California house

Get out of the crowd

When selling real estate you have to be different and step out of the crowd in the market. The good thing is that this is not going to be a problem with your unique home. Everything historical on the market will have a higher price but there are few conditions you will have to meet when selling this kind of house. The house must be preserved or beautifully renovated in accordance with its period. This will not be enough. Even if you have interested buyers you have to catch them with the right scene. Staging your home is a useful trick. The goal is to emphasize all the beauty of the place. The easiest way to do it is to :

  • Rearrange the furniture
  • Highlight the important parts
  • Find the right options for excess items

Stage and rearrange

Staging your home is a well-known trick before the sale. This way you will prepare your residence and make it more appealing. The goal is to attract the highest number of potential buyers, the more the better. In your case, when you selling your antique Californian house, you have many possibilities to make your home more attractive. Staging and rearranging will allow you to raise the price and you may sell a property more swiftly and for more money. This will cost you a little but it will pay off. Buyers will be able to see your home in the best possible light and they will be able to see themselves in a home. This means that you need to redecorate, rearrange furniture and clean your home.

Vintage radio
Make it beautiful

Fix it up

Redecorating your antique Californian house can be a fun thing to do. Have in mind that, while you lived here, you had your own style. Now is the time to make this space more neutral. Be sure to preserve all the important parts and details. Repair or, if it is needed, replace the windows. This will bring light into your home. Repaint the walls and wooden surfaces, fix all the plugs and let the light in. These small changes can mean a lot.

Keep it simple

Be careful with furniture. At first, remove all the personal stuff and unnecessary details. Try to make the space less personal but to keep the warm feeling. Leave the necessary furniture and try to locate the pieces in the right spots. The more space you have, the better. If the furniture is yours, you will remove it later or you can negotiate about the price. With Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, you will be able to relocate your stuff to your new address at the agreed time. Those professionals will help you to pack your things, load the trucks and they will transport your belongings to the desired location. On the other side, if you hire a staging company, they can set up the scene with their stuff.

Shine and clean

Don’t forget to clean it perfectly. This is the most important part when staging your antique Californian house. This will be a big and exhausting job so it is ok to take it easy on yourself and to hire a professional. Your goal is to tidy up the place first and everything else will be easier after that. A clean and decluttered home is a good start. You will see what you have at your disposal.

Vacuum cleaner
Make it shine

Find the central place

Think about what customers will see first and what is important to them. Highlight the important parts of the house and be sure to make them perfect before you hit the market. The first thing they are going to see is the yard if you have one and the external appearance of the house. Do small fixes, clean it, and tighten it up. In the house, usually, they will pay attention to the first room they will enter and to the kitchen. The kitchen and dining room are usually the places where families spend the most time together. This is why those parts of the house are important to people. Pay special attention and highlight the god parts.

Have a solution for every obstacle

If you decide to do it all by yourself, after the sale you will be in the mess. Left with all your stuff, you will have to organize your move as soon as possible. In this case, find someone to assist you and save yourself from trouble. Movers can help you to pack your belongings in the fastest and safest possible way. They can also transport everything to your new location or in the storage, depending on what you want. Make a plan, be organized, and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Selling an antique Californian house can be a whole new experience for you. You will have an opportunity to express your creativity and to better prepare your property for sale. Remember those small things can mean a lot. A little bit of paint and love can change the whole picture.

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