Tips for Negotiating a Relocation Package

We often tend to move for a variety of reasons. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances don’t give you another option, sometimes we need a fresh start and sometimes it could be for a job. Whether you are moving to get the job, or your current job is relocating you, it is always important to look at all the pros and cons. In addition, always be in the know of how this move benefits you and what’s waiting on the other side. For example, when you are given a relocation package by your job, never accept it before looking into all of the details. Once you gather all the information, it’s time to negotiate and set yourself right. Therefore, without any further ado, here are some tips on negotiating a relocation package.

Relocation Package 101

What is a relocation package anyway? It usually covers all expenses when moving for your job. The company would usually cover the costs of moving and any storage if necessary. Moreover, they will also cover, or at least should, all the travel costs for the employee and their family members who live with them. If you are lucky and negotiate well, you could even get the company to sell your current home and transfer all of your belongings.

A pen and the words I agree on a document you need to sign after negotiating a relocation package.
It’s important to know what to expect and what to ask for when receiving a relocation package. Don’t settle right away.

In general, any and all moving expenses that anyone would cover when moving, in this case, the company steps up as they are the ones relocating you. At least, with their assistance, you can trust to relocate your whole household stress-free.


One of the first things to be aware of is that you shouldn’t assume the company will cover relocation expenses. This is when you have to think ahead and speak up.


Furthermore, when trying to get a good relocation package, it’s important you present your case efficiently. For example, if you are negotiating with the company, ensure to mention how this would benefit them as well. Moreover, present them with advantages to this situation. At the end of the day, the company wants you to be able to work to your fullest potential, and a stress-free move will help with that.

A handshake.
When negotiating, know ahead what you will say and present and be ready for any type of response.

Next, be knowledgable about how much everything will cost. This way you will understand the numbers much better and will be able to ask for more if necessary. Besides the living expenses and new housing, the company should cover the transfer as well. If anything, reach out to or get the company to book a move with them ahead of time. This way, it is one less task to worry about. 


Another tip to share with you is to ensure that this move and your stay there is worth your time and hard work. Being ready to discuss numbers and raises, and having a well-structured plan to back it up with is essential and beneficial. The overall tip to share when negotiating a relocation package is to be prepared. Do the necessary research, know what you are asking for, and don’t give in before further discussions. Only accept a relocation package if you gave it lots of thought and consideration and there are more pros than cons.

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