Tips for hosting a housewarming party after moving to Milwaukee

Hosting a housewarming party is a great idea to start you off in a new area. This is true whether you are moving to Milwaukee or anywhere else! But, there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when you are organizing one. We asked our contacts from US Moving Quotes to ask around for the most important things that you should keep in mind when hosting a housewarming party after moving to Milwaukee! Let’s see what they are!

Tips for hosting a housewarming party

As stated before, you can use these tips whether you are moving to Milwaukee or anywhere else. Those tips are:

  • Don’t overcomplicate
  • Serve simple food
  • Make it a party!

Serve simple food

Use the occasion of your gathering to browse one of the supermarkets in your new area and load up on the foods that appeal to you. Just be mindful of different dietary restrictions; it’s kind to always provide a few vegan and gluten-free alternatives to satisfy visitors. With some veggies and dip, crackers, cheese, or traditional party staples like pigs in a blanket, you can never go wrong. You only need wine, beer, and a few soft drinks for beverages. Since this is a laid-back afternoon event, it’s not necessary to set up your complete house bar for your guests.

Girl at a house party
Serving drinks on your kitchen counter is a great option!

Don’t overcomplicate

Housewarming parties are frequently “open house” events, so all you need to do is tell your guests when they can stop by (say, from 5 to 9 pm) and let them decide when they want to come to say hello. Concentrating on an evening time slot like the one listed above makes things much easier on your side because there’s no need to provide a full meal. An open house structure can help make a party feel less uptight and formal. This is perfect if you haven’t unpacked yet because you can just take everything that you don’t need yet and leave it in a unit! Storage is a great idea for long or short-term safekeeping of your things!

Make it a party!

Make the party feel unique by asking visitors to bring business cards or takeaway menus for a favorite neighborhood restaurant, or show pals through your new location. Escape rooms and word games about moving to Milwaukee are all simple to set up and entertaining for visitors of all ages. Making this a true party is the best way to make friends with your new neighbors!

Board games you can se when making a housewarming party after moving to Milwaukee.
There are many different games that you can play at your party!

It’s okay to disperse the snacks throughout the party space as you’ll only be providing little bites. For instance, place a few plates of appetizers and some beverages on the kitchen counter. Other snacks can be placed on the kitchen or coffee tables. If you have the space, the objective is to encourage people to spread out and socialize. This will prevent people from spending the bulk of the gathering waiting for food because there will always be snacks accessible.

In conclusion

All of these tips for hosting a housewarming party after moving to Milwaukee have one thing in common. That is that you should stay relaxed and enjoy the party as much as the guests. So, head to the store and get some snacks and drinks and have fun, you deserve to relax after the whole process of moving to Milwaukee!

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