Tips for finding reliable assistance for a move to Hong Kong


Moving to Hong Kong is not a small task. You need to prepare for different problems that arise during your relocation. For example, there are packing, moving day concerns. All of these problems are only enhanced if you are handling them alone. To aid you with your relocation to Honk Kong, you will need an experienced moving company to guide the process. That is why we have tips for finding reliable assistance for a move to Hong Kong.

The first tip on our list tips for finding reliable assistance for a move to Hong Kong is deciding on a moving budget 

Before you can hire movers to help you move to Hong Kong, you need to set your budget. 

Relosmart Movers recommends firstly deciding on what moving service you will need. There are many different moving services from packing to storage, and if you know what you need accurately, you can save money. So think about what moving tasks you can handle by yourself. We are personally are going to mention two jobs, that can be hard to do by yourself. The first task would be packing, because you have to be careful and not break your things when you put them into boxes and most importantly you can forget some of your items. The second task would be loading the moving truck, there is a lot of heavy lifting, and you do not want to hurt your back. 

The second thing you need to do is research moving companies in the Hong Kong area. Try and find as many companies as you can and make a list of them. When you are making the list of moving companies, make sure to write down their contact information. The more moving companies you have on your list, the better your moving costs estimate will be. Try and get at least five companies and up to ten. 

person holding paper near pan and phone
Budgeting before looking for moving companies will relieve you of stress.

Finally, call the companies on your list and ask them the average price of the moving service you need. When you complete calling all of the companies on your list, you can calculate the average cost of the moving services you need. Take that number and adjust your budget to it. And before the moving day comes, learn what to eat on a moving day

Look for relocation companies with positive reviews

After you have decided on your budget, the second thing is to find companies with complimentary reviews. This task will involve some time. You will mostly spend that time reading reviews. There are two places where you should be reading reviews. 

  • The first place where you should look for reviews is the companies website. Watch out for reviews on the moving company’s website because they can tamper with them. However, it will provide you with some decent information and help you decide on a moving company. 
  •   One of the tips for finding reliable assistance for a move to Hong Kong is to read reviews on social media pages. Social media pages will be more reliable, and it will be easier to check for fraudulent reviews. To check if the reviews are fake, check if the accounts are new. 
  • Finally, make a list of the three best-reviewed companies. 

When you hire a moving company and need a temporary solution during settling in Hong Kong, look for short-term storage. With short-term storage, you can continue moving into your home and keep your items in a safe space. Another benefit of short-term storage is the cost. 

Do not forget the interview 

When you have finished your list of the best-reviewed companies in the Hong Kong area, schedule an interview with them. The meeting will be crucial in deciding on what moving company to hire. When you meet with them, see if they are friendly and receptive to your question. If they are a reliable moving company, they will answer all of your questions, from where to find quality moving materials to how to cut costs on packing.

two women talking
One of our tips for finding reliable assistance for a move to Hong Kong is interviewing because it can help you judge the character of the moving company.

If you find them reliable and respectful of you and your questions, you should hire them. 

The fourth tip on our list tips for finding reliable assistance for a move to Hong Kong is watching out for extra cost

Some unreliable movers will try and get you to pay extra money out of you. The first trick these movers will use is to ask you for a deposit before the moving process begins. You must know that movers can not ask you to pay for anything upfront. Because they do not know how much the move will cost, that is why they give estimates. 

The second trick is a little bit harder to spot, and it is on the moving deal. Before deciding on movers, you ask them to give them their standard moving contract and read it. If they are shady relocation experts looking to trick you out of extra cash, you will find that they have added more moving services to your contract. 

Verify the moving companies address and license 

When you think you have found reliable movers, make sure to verify the address of their company. Verifying the address is a simple task. You look on the internet and check if the moving company registered the address in the company’s name. 

mailbox with a number 12402
If they do not have a registered address, they are probably not a legitimate moving company.

Finally, ask them for their license. You won’t have to do any research. When you conduct the interview, ask about the moving license and how you can verify its credibility. If the moving company representative is not responding to your question, this is a bad sign, and you should avoid them.  

If you follow these tips, you will find yourself moving into your Hong Kong apartment to do it faster rely on specialists nearby. Local Hong Kong movers will get you into your new place fast and problem-free. 

You are ready 

These are our tips for finding reliable assistance for a move to Hong Kong. We hope they were helpful to you. Good luck! 



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