Things to know when buying a family house in Nanuet, New York

Is it time to start a new life and to fulfill your American dream to own a home? If you are considering this option now, you should explore it first. Don’t rush and take your time. If you would like to live in New York, that may be a great option. This state has plenty of cities and towns that are affordable. NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the USA, but it is not the only place in New York. There are plenty of other amazing options. One of those options is Nanuet, NY. Buying a family house in Nanuet can be a good choice.

What to know about Nanuet, New York?

Nanuet is a suburb of Clarkstown town, located in Rockland County. The population of Nanuet is around 18,600 and most of them are families with kids and retires. Which a good sign because you need a place that has a lot of kids and where the crime rate is low. The median age of the population here is 44 years. Before starting a new life in Nanuet, you should research this area and know what to expect. Buying a house is a big commitment and you probably are planning to live here for a longer period of time.

The unemployment rate is 5.6% and the median income is $90,000. People are commuting every day to larger cities, especially to Manhattan. This is a big advantage. Being close to NYC, but still having your own peace and many affordable housing options attracts people to move to Nanuet. The distance between Nanuet and Manhattan downtown is 29 miles, which is 40 minutes by car.

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The proximity of NYC is one of the main reasons why people love to live in Nanuet. You can commute with public transportation too which is a more affordable option and better for parking. Driving in NYC is almost impossible. If you are moving with a family across the country you should explore schools are well. But luckily, you don’t have to worry because the education system here is great. A lot of people here have a high school diploma, 88.5% of people. In NY state the average percentage is 86.1. 43.5%  of the population have a 4-year college degree which is great. About 10% more than the NY average.

The real estate market in Nanuet

When buying a family house in Nanuet, the costs are one of the major concerns. The costs of houses in Nanuet are high, but compared to other cities near, such as NYC, it is a lot more affordable. If it is time to move out of a parent’s home or to stop being a tenant, buying a house is the next step. The average home price is $438,000 and bigger family homes tend to be more expensive of course. For example, prices this year are higher by about 12% than the last year.

  • On average, houses in Nanuet are on sale for 42 days.
  • 27% of homes are listed between $336k and $489k, while 25% of homes in Nanuet have prices between $489k and $611k.
  • 70% of residents in Nanuet are homeowners which is a good sign when the majority of the population own a home.
  • Most homes were built between 1970 and 1999. Only 8.8% of homes were built after 2000.

You should not have a problem finding a big family house in Nanuet because it is a place for families. There are more houses with 3 bedrooms than houses with only 1 bedroom. If you want a big family, you will need a bigger home where your kids can play and grow. And where you can have peace.

Signing a contract for buying a family house in Nanuet.
Before you sign a contract for buying a house in Nanuet, explore the real estate market there and know what homes can you afford.

If you already live in Nanuet and you are a tenant, it will be easier for you to find a home and to move there because you know this town well. Local moving is easier to handle, but still, you should be prepared to have a successful relocation and to enjoy after relocation.

Tips for buying a family house in Nanuet

How to choose the right house? Some tips for buying a family house in Nanuet are listed below:

  • Know your budget and what you can afford or not.
  • Hire a local real estate agent from Nanuet and have an open conversation. What is the price range and what are your priorities?
  • Before buying a house, hire a home inspector to inspect the roof, walls, water and electricity installation, and everything that you cannot see.
  • Visit the house you want to buy a couple of times. During day and night for example.
  • Talk to your family, about what they think about the house and ask them for their opinion.

Get the house you want because it is a big expense and responsibility. But, it can be a great investment because home prices in New York State, especially in towns close to NYC are getting higher and higher. If you want to sell a house in 5, 10, or 15 years from now, you probably won’t lose money.

A house.
Move your items safely and enjoy your new beginning.

Moving with a family to a new house

Buying a house is not the end of the process. Now you need to move in. What is the safest and fastest way to move household items? One of the options most people choose is hiring a professional moving company with experience. One of the moving companies in NY that is reliable is Slattery Moving and Storage and they have a lot of experience in this industry.

Know what to move

Take measurements of your new home when buying a family house in Nanuet. Measure ceiling, doorways, rooms, and make sure your furniture can fit. If it not the case, then don’t move items and don’t waste money on transportation. There are some things to buy before moving in, but what is more important, you need to transport all your belongings first.

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