The ultimate list of family-friendly cities in King County, WA

Are you searching for the best city in King County to raise your family? There’s so much to consider from top-notch schools and family-friendly activities to cultural and outdoor activities when relocating with family. But, luckily, there are many family-friendly cities in King County, WA. Here’s the ultimate list of cities that offer great amenities and a strong community.

Is King County family-friendly?

Is there any doubt that King County is a great place to live? This county provides everything your kids need to thrive. This is a great place to choose as your future home even if you’re moving to a new city alone. King County offers high-quality education with numerous open areas that helped develop an active outdoor culture. It’s one of the USA’s healthiest places, with a diverse population, great housing, and many other amenities, all of which have created several cities perfectly suited for raising children. So, check out below the ultimate list of family-friendly areas in King County, WA.

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Discover what are the family-friendly cities in King County, WA.


Redmond is the next city on this ultimate list of family-friendly cities in King County, WA. The city is only 16 miles away from Seattle. So, it offers a great location for those who want to live close enough to a big city. Remond is another great and safe place with a suburban feel. It has highly rated schools and plenty of available outdoor activities. Move here with your family and enjoy the view of the Cascade Mountains, and large parks. Also, if you love cycling, you’ll be happy to hear that this city is famous as the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.

Another great thing about Remond is that the city offers great job opportunities. Big companies like Microsoft and Nintendo of America are located in Redmond. Anyway, do you like what you hear? If the answer to this question is yes, you should team up with skilled neighbors and move to Redmond without second-guessing. These local moving professionals will assist you through the whole relocation process. Therefore, you can rest assured that everything will go as smoothly and stress-free.


Bellevue is the third-largest city in WA and a fantastic family-friendly place. This city is home to many families worldwide, and economic growth is the main attraction factor. But, along with this, Bellevue has many other advantages to offer to its residents. The city is very safe, with clean streets and well-maintained neighborhoods. Also, Bellevue has highly rated schools and a developed transportation system that enables students to move around the city easily. Since the city is very diverse, your kids will have the opportunity to grow in an environment that makes them more open to the world. So, there are many reasons to consider moving here.


Home to about 100,000 people, this city boasts great family-friendly activities as well as economic conditions. There are many businesses and factories which can be very interesting for people who want to live in this safe and developed city. Also, many high-quality schools are located in Renton which is important for all those who think of their children’s future. So, you may want to consider learning how to compare moving companies and relocate here.

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Consider moving to Renton with your family.


Newcastle is one of the best places to live in King County and in all of Washington. It’s ideal for both families and young professionals. The city is safe, quiet, and relaxing. Newcastle also features great commuting times, with easy access to freeways and larger cities. The schools, of course, are highly rated and the city offers many arks and hiking for families. So, if you decide to call this place your new home, you can rely on specialists nearby. Newcastle local movers are there to help you with the relocation process. So, don’t hesitate, contact them as soon as possible.

The ultimate list of family-friendly cities in King County, WA – Sammamish

Sammamish with a population of about 64,000 is the next family-friendly city in King County. This city is regularly ranked as one of the best places for families in the whole of Washington. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise because Sammamish is a nice and safe city with top-rated schools. But, the city also offers entertainment opportunities for parents. There are many nice restaurants, coffee shops, and parks here. Moreover, there are numerous opportunities for different outdoor activities. So, Sammamish is certainly one of the best places for your family. That’s why you should learn how to create a timeline for your move – a great way to stay on track and call this place your new home. You’ll certainly not make a mistake.

Federal Way

This thriving city with a variety of activities and attractions is a great place for families. Federal Way has lots of features to offer to its residents. It’s located along the Puget Sound Inlet and close to both Seattle and Tacoma. Also, the city has access to natural wonders and big-city entertainment is within easy reach. So, it’s perfect for families. The city’s school districts offer educational opportunities from kindergarten through high school within walking distance to most city attractions and bus lines. Also, Federal Way is pretty quiet and peaceful, and this atmosphere will make you want to settle and spend at least a part of your life here. And that may be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

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Federal Way may be the perfect place for you and your family.

In conclusion – List of family-friendly cities in King County

Hopefully, this list helped you grasp the idea of where to raise a family in King County. As you can see, there are just so many choices available. Now, it’s time to decide with your family about your new place of residence. You should know that making this choice will be hard. But, only because there are just so many great choices for your family. So, think this through and when you do it, start packing your bags and relocate.

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