The ultimate guide to NYC apartment hunting

Getting an apartment in New York City is a dream of many, and that is for a reason. New York is now what was once Venice in the Mediterranean, and people from all around the world come to NYC to experience something new and exciting. However, if you want to live in New York, you have to find an apartment. And sure, New York is enormous, but that doesn’t mean that you are immediately going to find an apartment that suits you. And this is why you stumbled upon this guide, to find out how to find an apartment that suits you in The Big Apple. So, welcome to our NYC apartment hunting guide! Let’s begin immediately!

What do you expect from an apartment in NYC?

Before you start your NYC apartment hunt, you have to know what you want. Getting an apartment in the most important US city is a big step, and this is why you have to formulate what do you expect from an apartment. You’ll be living in that apartment for some time after all.

Question mark.
You have to know what you want from the potential apartment in NYC.

Our friends from recommend making a wishlist for your new york apartment. In it, you should write down all the things you expect from an apartment – its size, location, price, and so on. New York is gigantic, and there is no chance that you are going to visit and check every apartment out there. Focus on a specific location, price range, size, and maybe a few other things you expect from your potential NYC apartment.

How do you stand financially?

Almost everyone has seen the popular TV show Friends. But, if you haven’t seen it here’s the gist. The show is about a group of young friends who live in large Manhattan apartments, while many of them don’t even have a sustainable income. 

NYC apartment hunting with a piggy bank.
For your NYC apartment hunting, you have to know how you stand financially.

While you theoretically can have an apartment in Manhattan with almost no income, the reality differs from the TV show. Apartments in Manhattan tend to be quite expensive, and you probably have to have an income with which you can buy or rent an apartment in the most expensive borough of Manhattan.

Also, you might want to save money on other things, like relocation expenses. Make sure to calculate moving and other costs thoroughly.

However, New York is huge, and thankfully it has many more boroughs and neighborhoods with cheaper apartments. This is why we recommend checking out how you stand financially. Try not to overextend and get more than you can pay.

Use modern technologies to your advantage

Today, most apartments for sale in a city like New York can be found on the internet. There are a lot of sites that do that, and you should take your time and check out what apartments are for sale in NYC. Every day pops up something new, so make sure to browse for NYC apartments regularly. Make sure to make a list of apartments you like.

However, we wouldn’t recommend making a deal immediately. It is not smart buying an apartment based only on images online. Like you wouldn’t hire a moving scam, don’t fall for the scams online, especially if the offer seems too good. You have to check the apartments by yourself. This brings us to the next part of our guide.

Check out the apartments on your own

Simply put, if you want to buy an apartment you like, you have to check it out on your own. Contact the seller of an apartment to agree on a date. So, make sure to find a place in NYC for a couple of days. Get some moving bins if you have a lot of stuff with you. Moving bins are a simple and useful solution to consider if you need to be somewhere for at least a week. And trust us, one week is barely enough to check apartments in NYC. Later you can use them when you decide to finally move to NYC.

If the seller doesn’t want potential buyers checking out the apartment, don’t even think about making a deal! You have to know in what state the apartment in question is.

When you arrive there, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The same goes if you are hiring a storage unit or a moving company. Make sure that everything is working properly or that it can be fixed with a small intervention. Maybe you can even use that to lower the price of the apartment. Remember, prices aren’t static.

Yet again, do not make the deal immediately! If you like the apartment, don’t act too excited. Make sure to keep your judgment to yourself. Check out other apartments from your list first, then make a decision. Remember, a decision isn’t final until you sign the contract.

NYC apartment hunting based on apartment images.
Don’t make a decision on your NYC apartment hunting solely based on online images!

Prepare and pack for the move

You have signed the contract. Congratulations! Now it is time to turn to moving and packing. Hiring a reliable moving company is just one part of the work you have to do. You have to prepare and pack for the move and learn how to do it properly. Make sure to get some packing materials for your relocation to NYC.  

Maybe you should hire a realtor?

Getting a realtor or a real estate agent is the least painful way of getting an apartment in New York. They know how does the real estate market in NYC works, and most likely they are more knowledgable than you. No offense. However, hiring a real estate agent comes with a price. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to save vast amounts of money if you don’t hire one. The time and energy you are going to waste looking for an ideal apartment directly translate to the price of hiring a real estate agent.

The same goes for moving to NYC. You have to reach out to residential moving professionals in the field if you want things to be done. People who do one type of job for a long time surely have some valuable experience and expertise in the field. It would be best if you could hire both a moving company and a real estate agent.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to NYC apartment hunting!

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