The pros and cons of hiring labor-only movers

Hiring labor-only movers can be quite helpful when your relocation approaches. Doing everything on your own is hard and it can be overwhelming. That’s why most people hire professional movers. There are reasons why people hire labor-only movers. So let’s discuss this furthermore.

Why are people hiring labor-only movers?

Some people already have moving trucks. They don’t need all that equipment that movers have since they already have everything. What they are missing is the movers and expertise they have. All those years of training too. You can always ask your friends to help out and surely you have some that will be glad to help you out for free. That can still be risky. Your friends probably don’t know ways to safely heavy lift and accidents can happen. You don’t want to be responsible for something like that. After all, this is the main reason why this service exists. You get a good and professional (not to mention quick) relocation for a better price.

a couple packing for a move after hiring labor-only movers
Some people only need help with heavy lifting. Labor-only movers are the best fit in that case.

The price

Of course, the price is lower when you hire just movers without the moving truck and the rest of the equipment. You are paying half the price because you are using half of the resources. But you should know that movers usually have top-notch equipment that allows the crew to work quickly and efficiently. If you do not the process will take longer. You should note that while making your own pro and con list for hiring labor-only movers.

A person holding dollar banknotes.
Hiring labor-only movers will be much cheaper than hiring full-service movers, but you only get one aspect of their services that way.

The insurance when hiring labor-only movers

Moving insurance is something you get as a part of the deal while hiring a full-service moving company. You get an estimate for your household belongings and if something happens you get a sum of money you previously agreed upon. That is a fair deal and it can be very useful especially when moving day comes. People often feel much better knowing that the insurance got them covered. Unfortunately in some cases, you can not get that if you are hiring labor-only movers. Since the company can be sure what kind of equipment you have and how the relocation will go, they don’t offer the insurance. So this is something you need to ask and talk over the details of the deal you can get if they allow this.

How to choose if hiring labor-only movers is the right choice for you

It’s only natural to wonder about this but you should know – only you know the answer to this question. We suggest you make your decision after making a pro and con list and see which column seems longer or better to you. All those household items are yours and yours only and you are the one who needs to make this decision.

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