The most difficult household items to move

During the entire moving preparations, you will come along with various difficulties that may require skills and knowledge to overcome. The numb long days when packing your items may seem like an eternity. An eternity filled with pressure and stress. But, by the end of the day, the sense of accomplishment will compensate for any troubles along the way. There are, however, some particularly difficult household items to move. They pose some specific challenges that will require you to go one step further with preparations. With the right guidance, you will be able to handle them or at least find someone to do so instead.

Which are the most difficult household items to move?

The avenues of the move are numerous and strange. Sometimes you will be able to deal with relocation on your own. But in the majority of situations, you will need additional help. When it comes to moving difficult household items, you can always count on help from professionals. While it can be hard, moving house can be simple and fun too. Hire a reputable moving company to handle your possessions and allow yourself to have a pleasant moving day. It’s certainly much easier than packing any of the items listed below on your own.

Antiques, rarities, and delicate old stuff

The chance that your set of fragile old rarities will survive the transport may seem like the imagination of improbable possibilities. But, with the first glimpse of the new ideas, a sense of success may overcome your spirit. Indeed, even though antiques are delicate in nature, there is always a way to properly pack and deliver them. Since it’s not the situation to practice your “through the trials and errors” strategy, you better start with extensive research. Either for appropriate packing methods or for reliable moving specialists or both. Either way, make sure to:

  • Find a moving company with a good reputation
  • Check your insurance options
  • Invest in high-quality packing materials
  • Pay attention to details when packing
  • Be relentless with labeling your boxes

Large instruments like pianos

At the first look, it may seem like pianos are sturdy and almost indestructible pieces. But, upon second thought, there are hundreds of small parts installed and connected inside. Each wire, each mechanism, and each connection inside is a delicate piece of work. Tumbling and shifting such a ponderous instrument can instantly lead to disaster. At least if not handled well. Unless you are a professional, you should definitely opt for help. There are plenty of specialized movers dealing with this kind of property for years. They are your best option if you want to be sure your valuable instrument remains intact. Especially if you are moving into a smaller home.


You are looking upon the scene of a great battlefield before you. Delicate yet powerful brushstrokes that captured the mere essence of the depicted period are quite astonishing. You are enjoying your prized painting and, at the same time, you are concerned about how to move it without damage. The original artworks are priceless. They are irreplaceable. No insurance can compensate for the damage to your valuable artistry. Some may think they can learn everything and packing such a delicate item as well. But, the truth is, it takes a lot of time to learn how to handle expensive pieces of art. When moving with a family, you don’t have that time, so your only viable solution is to get professional do to it for you.

The battle of Nuremberg painting.
Masterwork paintings are priceless.

Electronics, gadgets, and tricky hardware

Today, concerning the technological progress we are experiencing, it looks like everything has its own display. The joke on the side, most electronics do have delicate screens and other breakable parts. Even the minor knock can easily damage your electronics. That is why transporting them to another location requires proper handling. Smartphones are easy, you can place them in your pocket or in small protective boxes. But for the bigger things, like large TVs however, you will need to put more effort. Various filling materials, sturdy protective boxes and crates, and numerous assembling and disassembling techniques are just part of the arsenal. And, as always, you can get professional packers to do it for you.

Alive house plants are difficult household items to move

The unintentional dreariness of thoughts while preparing for moving, often results in neglecting certain pieces of your household possessions. Alive house plants can easily be overseen when the complete moving chaos falls upon you. And it shouldn’t be like that. Taking something for granted is a sin, especially if it’s a live thing. Your house plants are tender, demand special care, and sometimes, it may even take years to acquire full growth. So, moving them to another location, in general, should be done with responsibility. If you are not familiar with gardening, not a single bit, you better ask someone who is to help you. Of course, moving companies know how to handle plants, you just need to check for any restrictions. If you are moving interstate, some regulations may apply to plants.

Many plants on the balcony.
Plants demand special care, just like other living beings.

Aquariums, terrariums, and cages

While driving to my yearly annual hiatus, suddenly unusual sound occurs inside the car. “What was it?” I paused to think. What was it that unnerved me in a second. In the back of my mind, I knew what it was. But the awkwardness of the situation, with the eyes on the road, are preventing my mind to grapple upon the truth. The waves of shiver start to crawl upon my neck as I come to an unsatisfactory conclusion. Beyond doubt, that hideous sound was the ominous representation of candy bar paper wrap crushing. The terrarium is open… There is no question about it, I will never transport someone else’s terrariums, cages, or animals in general, never again. I’ll definitely let them leave it to professionals. They know how to protect the habitat, how to preserve the animals, and how to protect passengers for accidents.

A cat trying to catch a fish from a fish tank.
Carefully prepare to move your pets, even those in tanks.

Moving your household items is not easy in general. But there will always be some exceptionally difficult household items to move. The steps you take will depend on the way you approach the situation. You can try to handle some of the items yourself, but hiring help is actually a much better solution.

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