The best way to prepare your valuables for a move

Moving is always an adventure. Usually, it starts as a great idea and then becomes a vortex of obligation. It is not easy to plan it and implement it. It requires a detailed plan and it is time and money-consuming. The hardest part packing. In most cases, we want to take care of our things the best we can, especially if they have some value. There are several ways to prepare your valuables for a move.

Save it and protect it

When moving we always think about our stuff, especially about valuable ones. Probably you are wondering how to protect them during the move when everything is a mess. Depending on the way we are moving, some things may differ. During moving on any of these two ways, it is important to protect your valuables. A moving checklist can help you a lot for a start. This way you can take control over your move. You can move:

  • Moving by yourself, or
  • Moving with the moving company
Treasure chest
Secure your valuable stuff

Doing it all by yourself

When moving without a moving company, it is a bit easier to protect your valuables and caution is always a good thing. If we talk about small valuables like gold or other precious metals jewelry, or some old family photos that have value to yourself, it is easy to keep boxes where they are packed close by. Some bigger valuables, for example, painting or mural, or maybe your expensive equipment, should be packed and protected in the best way possible and this is very important.

Prepare a box that is big enough, purchase bubble-wrap foam to coat valuables. This way you will ensure they stay intact during moving. Always remember to label the box where it is packed with the sign fragile so you know exactly what box must be placed in the safest corner of the moving vehicle. It is best not to drag your friends in the process.

 Moving with the moving company

In essence, hiring professional movers is always a good option and in most cases the easier way to move, than doing it by yourself. This is where some things with valuables become a bit complicated. Depending on valuables, you will need to give specific directions to movers and direct them on what to do. When it comes to jewelry, it is always best to pack it by yourself and keep it close like some other small valuable things that can be transported with your car.

Chest with a pearls
Keep it close. Most jewelry is priceless for its sentimental value

As for big ones, after wrapping them in bubble wrap foam, packing, and labeling, you need to point out to your movers that it is fragile and to take special care. Depending on the value, sometimes it is smart to say it is just some old painting but it means a lot to you, even if the real value a lot higher.

Whatever the case is, you will have to prepare your valuables for a move yourself if you want them intact on the other side. People say that good preparation is half of the work. In this case, preparation for the move is literally part of the work, and the most important one, so you need to do it right.

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