The most affordable housing solutions in Dallas 

Dallas has one of the strongest economies in Texas, and because of it, many people want to live there. But when they arrive, they find out that Dallas is more expensive than the rest of Texas and can not afford to buy or rent a home. But there’s no need to fret just yet! We at US Moving Quotes have made it our mission to help you find affordable housing solutions in Dallas. Here we come to the rescue!

One of the most affordable housing solutions in Dallas – The Housing Choice Voucher

Since Dallas is one of the best cities in Texas for those with kids, many families want to live there. But many families can not afford to rent or buy a home in Dallas, so that is where the Housing Choice Voucher program comes in. The HCV affordable housing program is part of the Dallas County Housing Agency initiative to provide affordable housing in North Texas. How to get into the program and what does it provide we’ll answer straight away.

  • First, considering this is the easiest way to acquire housing cheap and fast, there are many applicants. To get into the program, you need to send your application to the Dallas County Housing Agency for revision. The main requirement to get accepted is low income.
  • Second, when you get accepted, you get to choose where you want to live, and based on your income, the Dallas County Housing Agency will pay part of the rent. Even though you get to choose where to live, the program will not accept the suggestion in high-rent neighborhoods.
person handing money
One of the affordable housing solutions in Dallas is the Housing Choice Voucher which will pay part of your rent.

Should you choose to apply, we hope that you’ll get accepted. If so, allow experienced local Texas movers, like 1st Generation Moving, to handle your relocation. They will get you into your Dallas affordable housing in no time. 

Try downsizing 

The second affordable housing solution is finding a smaller place in Dallas. If the rent is getting too high in your current apartment, it is time to move to a smaller one. You can find a petite apartment in Dallas on the internet. Since you’d be downsizing, you should declutter before the relocation to have more space.

Living with a roommate is an affordable housing solution in Dallas 

The third way to have an inexpensive home in Dallas is to get a roommate. You can ask some of your friends if they want to be roommates with you because it will save you both a lot of money. But if your friends do not want to share an apartment with you, you can always look for one on the internet. You are not the only person in Dallas in a bind looking for cheap housing solutions. Depending on how many roommates, you can cut the cost of rent for an apartment in Dallas by at least a half.  

women in kitchen eating pizza
With a roommate, you will not only save money on rent in Dallas but also become friends.


By now, you should have realized that living in Dallas is possible despite the high cost. At this time, everything might seem scary, but once you have settled in, you will be glad you have gone through the trouble of finding affordable housing solutions in Dallas.