Moving to Wellington, FL with toddlers: pro tips

Are you planning on moving to Wellington with your toddlers? As a parent, you already know that even a good day without any interruptions can be challenging with toddlers, especially when they become threenagers right? That’s why we wanted to help you with some tips directly coming from parents of toddlers who had to relocate. Continue reading “Moving to Wellington, FL with toddlers: pro tips”

Best Canada cities for US ex-pats

Canada is a great place. Also, very peaceful. There are some benefits in CA that cannot be found in the US and that is the reason why many young people love relocating here. Free healthcare, good maternity leave for 18 months, and more vacation days are on the top of the list. Free healthcare is not just for Canadians but also for permanent residents. So you don’t even have to apply to be a Canadian citizen to get free healthcare.  But real maple syrup is not far away too. If you are feeling overworked, the good news is that Canadians have better working hours and also a better work-life balance. There are cool things that can only be found in Canada like bagged milk. If you are thinking about relocating, know that you are not the only one. You can live in Canada as an American citizen. You can easily get a regular visitor visa and go there for six months. Then apply to become a permanent resident. The whole procedure is not very complicated. If you are looking where to relocate to Canada we have a list of the best Canada cities for US ex-pats. Continue reading “Best Canada cities for US ex-pats”