Student’s guide to frugal living in Texas

Studying what you love in a good university is almost every young person’s dream. Many people claim that studies are the best part of a person’s life. And it is indeed so because people are young and willing to experience living away from their parents. It is a period of growing up and learning how to live on your own, without the help of your parents. However, a student’s life is not all about independence, parties, meeting new people, and all the other exciting things. It is also about managing your finances in the best way you can. If you are not sure how to organize the amount of money you get every month from your parents and by working a part-time job you are in the right place. This article will give you some tips on frugal living in Texas.

Living in dorms can help you save more money while studying in Texas

First of all, if there is a possibility for you to live in a dorm, do not reject it. Yes, sharing a bathroom with more people that you do not know can seem like a terrifying and gross thing. But, it will definitely be a good lecture and one more life experience that you will have. Living in a dorm while studying in Texas can help you save a lot of money which can enable you to afford some things that many young people are yearning for in this period of life. Or, you can simply save all the money and use it later for some really important things after you finish your studies and get a university degree. So, do not hesitate to move into a dorm. Today, you have the possibility to bring some items with you and decorate your space how you like it.

Living in a dorm in Texas will bring many new people into your life.

Rent a storage space for your items

Secondly, if you chose to live in a dorm in Texas, you may need additional space for your stuff. Luckily, today many good companies are offering storage space, especially for students. Many students are using these services when moving out of their dorm and leaving home for summer or when changing their dorm or leaving it for some other reason. Moreover, you can rely on a company for transport and packing as well, which is a great thing for many young people.

However, if you want to save on paying for packing services, you can do it by yourself or ask your friends for help. Also, you can visit a library or a book store you often go to and ask the people who work there if they happen to have cardboard boxes that they do not need anymore. Obviously, if the answer is yes you would not have to buy new packing materials. This will be an excellent way to save your college money while also protecting the planet from pollution. 

If you are not living in a dorm, find a roommate

Thirdly, if for some reason you cannot live in a dorm when studying in Texas, you should definitely look for a roommate. Luckily, living in Texas, in general, is not so expensive as in some other states, like California for example. So, renting a student’s flat can be affordable, and sharing rent, bills, and maybe some other living expenses as well can help young people save their money on monthly basis. However, finding a roommate is everything but easy, and many people are aware of this fact. If you choose to live with your best friend it can ruin a friendship.

Find roommates and your frugal living in Texas will be possible.
With roommates in Texas, you will save more money.

On the other hand, living with a complete stranger can be a very risky thing to do. Something in between can be the best thing, like choosing a person you know is reliable. Who knows, maybe moving in together will bring you a very good friendship. Or, that person can meet new with new people, like your neighbors if you are not very communicative. If you do not mind sharing a flat with more people, having more roommates will mean saving more money. So, you can consider this option as well while studying.

Hire professional assistance when relocating and starting your frugal living in Texas

If you need help with moving into your dorm or flat in Texas, you really should seriously consider hiring professional assistance. When looking for a company, pay attention to reviews and services that they have to offer. The next step is contacting the company representative and asking about all details and prices. In addition, you should check out because these movers in Texas have to offer many services. 

Set the rules when living with roommates and prolong your frugal living in Texas

Finally, when you move in with your roommates in your Texas apartment, you must set clear rules from the very start. This can seem unnecessary and less spontaneous for some, but in the long run, it will save your relationship with the people you are living with. Consequently, your frugal living in this state will be longer.

A team.
Set the rules and your relationship with your roommates will be great.

When the rules are completely clear from the beginning, you will avoid misunderstandings and arguments. Moreover, if something bothers you make sure to tell that right away in a calm manner. You do not want anything to escalate unexpectedly and harm your relationship. Also, passive aggression is unacceptable and you have to avoid it if you want this to work out. Be considerate and respect other person’s personal space. When it comes to moving in, you should also try to save money on this. So, plan your meals and make them at your current place instead of buying something unhealthy later.


To conclude, there are some things that can enable your frugal living in Texas. As a student, you can live in a dorm or with roommates in a flat. If you choose life with roommates, set the rules from the start and be respectful. Sharing rent and bills will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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