Settling down in Florida 101

So you’ve been through it all, and I really mean all. You’ve learned the difference between binding and non-binding quotes, you know how to recognize reliable movers and you’ve made all the choices accordingly. Now, you just need to bring in the boxes and unpack and you’re done, right? Well, it would be nice, but that’s not true, to be completely honest. What’s left is making your new place your home. But, in the beginning, this means becoming familiar with it getting used to it. For sure, this is not so hard when your new place is the wonderful state of Florida. Nonetheless, here’s settling down in Florida 101 that will help you on your way of making the Sunshine State your new home.

Settling down in Florida’s Orange County

Let’s start with one of the most wonderful counties in Florida. This region attracts many tourists every year, and not without a reason. The warm climate, many lakes, amazing theme parks, and a vivid lifestyle are only some of the reasons why many people want to move here. Places like Saint Augustine, or Orlando offer great opportunities for life. Imagine hiking through Everglades National Park, or riding on a boat through Biscayne National Park. So, an easy way to settle down in your new Orange City home is doing any of the mentioned activities. Of course, try to be well-rested for them, and you can do it by hiring a moving company to help you in the first place.

Tips for settling down in Florida

It’s normal to feel out of place in your new environment. While time definitely helps, you can actually speed up the process. The most basic advice is – be curious about new people and new opportunities. But, to be more specific:

  • get familiar with the neighborhood
  • get out there and meet new neighbors
  • don’t isolate yourself
  • do the activities you’ve always enjoyed
A woman enjoying her breakfast in bed after settling down in Florida
If you enjoy having breakfast in your bed, don’t stop now

Get familiar with the neighborhood

The most basic thing after your move is to learn how to find your way around the neighborhood. Find out where the bus stops, hospitals, supermarkets parks, and other useful facilities are located. If not immediately, you’ll need one of these soon enough. And other than checking on your phone, you can actually ask people in the streets to give you direction. That way, you might meet one of your new neighbors.

Meet new people

If you hire a reliable moving company, like this one here,, you’ll be well-rested to start socializing soon after the move. You can attend some neighborhood events or invite people over. Either way, get out there and start meeting new people. New friends can change your perspective in a good way.

People talking in restaurant.
Go out and meet new people after settling down in Florida

Do what you love

You are done comparing moving quotes and weighing the pros and cons related to the move. Now you can focus on what comes after. After all, moving and settling down in Florida should be about doing what you love. So, remember the things you’ve always love doing and start doing them here. However, stay open to new experiences that seem like they will bring you joy. Soon after the rest will follow.

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