Reasons to move to Bothell, WA with your family

Finding the perfect place for your family to put down roots can be difficult. There are plenty of criteria on your list that need to be checked before you even consider a place as your future home. Low crime rates, great educational facilities, low costs of living, and affordable real estate are just a few points that you are trying to hit when contemplating a move. When on this mission one Washington State city always seems to creep in. Bothell is slowly but surely becoming an absolute favorite among newcomers, especially those that have large families. Are you wondering why? We are sharing with you the most important reasons to move to Bothell.

Reasons to move to Bothell city in Washington StateĀ 

In general, the Evergreen State is becoming more and more popular. Countless new residences have decided to call this West Coast their new home. Sure there are plenty of excellent spots for settling down, but this is why Bothell takes the cake.

It is a perfect location

Nothing can make relocation easier than an exceptional location and positioning of your new crib. Bothell is a great alternative to Seattle if you are looking to live a calmer life, with easy access to the big city. So, you can enjoy everything that the city has to offer, but only when you feel like it. In the meantime, you can relax and soak in all the great things about living in the suburbs. When traveling there are multiple roots that you can take and some are even toll-free. But that is not all! What makes this location even more inviting is that you might be living in a suburban area, but it is never a dull one. There are malls that you can frequent for great shopping and excellent restaurants if you feel like your tastebuds deserve a treat.

One of the reasons to move to Bothell is this road that can take you anywhere you need in Seattle.
Traveling from Bothell is simple since it has access to multiple highways and other toll-free roads.

Hot real estate market

We already mentioned that WA State is very much in demand. Consequently, properties are flying off the shelves. Houses, apartments, and all other properties are being sold left and right and in record time. Bothell’s real estate market isn’t just a part of this real estate trend. It is significantly pulling up the average. Properties are more often than not being sold in less than 30 days. Most of them even get purchased by a new owner within the first week on the market. Once you learn this cool fact, no wonder families are moving in a rush to this fantastic city.

A little house keychain attached to a house key.
When looking for a new home in Bothell your best bet would be to hire a local professional to help you search for a perfect home for your family.

Great opportunities for high ranked education

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than your children’s future. Surely you know that there is no better investment that you can make in your kiddos than making sure they get top-notch learning opportunities. If that is your prerogative, this is one of the greatest Reasons to move to Bothell. The Northern Shore School District is known across the entire state as one of the best. Only the finest educators have a chance to work in this exceptional school and GPA averages are something every parent dreams of for their kids.

But wait! There is something for the older kids as well. In your backyard, you can find The University of Washington Bothell. A rather smaller university where professors have a hands-on approach to education in smaller classes. It is safe to say that your kiddos will be in great hands no matter which age they might be. For most parents, this will be enough of a reason to start organizing your family’s relocation.

The perfect place for foodies

So many of us like to enjoy delicious meals. That is why having high-quality products at our disposal is a must. With the opening of the super-popular PCC Natural Market, that part has been covered. This amazing store resembles most to Whole Foods. It is an upscale market with the finest products. Therefore, once you visit it don’t expect to find deals. Still, expect great services and even better quality. And once healthy home cooking gets old, and you start craving good, old American cuisine, there is a solution as well. Stop by The Rancher Drive-in and use your cheat meal of the week to enjoy some traditional comfort foods.

A nicely put together fruit and cracker board with some extra dip on the side.
Get ready to enjoy all sorts of mouth-watering foods once you relocate to Bothell.

Hire professional assistance for your Bothell relocation

With countless reasons to move to Bothell, you are already packing your bags in your head. But slow down a minute. Planning an actual move with your entire family takes a lot of time and can cause major issues. One way to jump around all the unnecessary moving problems is by hiring professional movers to relocate you. They will know exactly what to do in every given situation. So spare yourself the stress and let the professionals take care of things for you. You will have your hands full with finding new accommodations and taking care of your kids. If you still haven’t hired a professional moving company, is a great place to start your search.

When you need extra space on Bothell

Once you arrive in Bothell you might realize that your new home is smaller than you might have thought or you might have some extra furniture that you don’t have room for. Either way, don’t worry because there is a great solution to your space problem. The best way to get extra space for your household items is to rent a self-storage unit. It is more economical than buying or renting a large home and it is always easily reachable. It sure is a win-win outcome.


By now you are familiar with all the great reasons to move to Bothell. It truly is an outstanding place to raise a family and put down roots. Don’t waste any time and start house hunting. Make sure your perfect Bothell property doesn’t get snatched right in front of your nose.

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