Real estate agent’s guide to the best neighborhoods in South Austin

When looking for the perfect place to live, we are usually guided by our own wishes and ideas. We often do research on our own and create a sometimes unrealistic image of a place or part of the city. If we don’t visit that place beforehand and seriously delve into the observation, we may end up creating a large number of incorrect beliefs. What will enable us to see the situation in the real estate market more realistically is the experts. Real estate agents’ guide to the best neighborhoods in South Austin will help you to find what you need.

Find the best neighborhoods in South Austin

South Austin is, as its name says part of Austin, the capital city of the state of Texas. One of the nicknames of the city is Silicon Hills due to the rapid growth of technology and development companies. The fact that it is becoming very attractive to young professionals, but also to businessmen, families with children, and even seniors speaks of the popularity of this city. One of the specific features is that, besides the fact that it attracts great corporations, you will notice that the entire city has adopted a desire to protect small business owners. The community spirit is something that sets this city apart and makes it attractive. It is a particularly interesting part of the city to live in is South Austin. This part has many neighborhoods perfect for everyone who wants to live happily ever after. The best ones are:

  • Westgate
  • Whispering Oaks
  • Westwood heights
  • Greenleaf estates
  • Hillcrest
Austin bridge
Find your peace in one of the best neighborhoods in South Austin

You will hear a serious recommendation for this neighborhood in South Austin

Westgate is a small neighborhood in South Austin. Home prices here are just a bit over the national median, but it is part of the capital city so it is expected to be a little bit higher. A significant number of residents are renting their homes since rent is around the national median, while family income is above the national median. This is a small and beautiful community with several parks and a lot of green spaces. The homeowner association has some strict rules about the front yard here, but that is the reason why it is looking as beautiful as it is. Public schools here are among the best in Austin so you should definitely consider it if you want to find a home for family life. This is for sure one of the best neighborhoods in South Austin.

Neighborhood from the fairytale

This small neighborhood I located in heart of South Austin next to the grand Stephenson nature preserved outdoors. Homes in Whispering Oaks are a bit more expensive, but once you see them you will realize why. The lawns in front of the houses are landscaped, and small cute fences are there only as decoration. This neighborhood simply beckons to live in. Buying or renting a home here is very feasible if you work in Austin, as incomes here are above average. As far as youth education is concerned, this small community has only one public school, but there are a number of schools just ten minutes away by car that has a very good reputation. There are a few public green areas perfect for relaxing walks. This is one of the nicest places to live if your budget is capable to overcome the fact that it is an expensive neighborhood in Austin.

Whatever you choose, moving will be a piece of cake with the right help on your side. If you already have some trust in professionals, then make sure you engage experts when it comes to moving. They can give you a piece of simple advice on how to move to Austin, or they can help you partially or completely with your move. It is up to you.

Consider the best neighborhoods in South Austin before making a decision

If you need a place to rest, look around more carefully

This is most likely the greenest neighborhood in entire Austin. It is surmising due to the fact that Westwood Heights is a medium-sized neighborhood. The trees along the streets are what adorn this community at first glance, but when we look a little more closely, we will see all those beautiful yards with swimming pools and beautiful lawns. Homeowner’s associations here also have regulations on what can be in the front yard that faces the street. Perfect order is what makes this place special. Home prices here are unbelievably close to the national average, making this an ideal place to buy a home. Regarding the education of the youngest, it should be noted that one of the largest schools in Austin is located in this very neighborhood, and it is one of the best schools in Austin. Each guide will tell you that this is the best neighborhood in South Austin.

Greenleaf estates are the place to consider

This is an extra-small neighborhood. Located on the far southern border of South Austin. This is a more expensive neighborhood to buy a house in, but it has its advantages. For example, the homeowner’s association here has very little authority and not everything is set up the same. That means that you can arrange your living space and yard just in the way you like it. It is a calm and peaceful neighborhood perfect for people with families and seniors. They can have all the peace they is a service to call if you find a suitable home around here. They know the area so it will make it easier to relocate. This is extremely important if you are in retirement or you have a large family. Help is mandatory in that case.

Austin skyline
There are so many beautiful places in this city

Enjoy all the shades of green

Of the mentioned neighborhoods, Hillcrest is the largest among the mentioned neighborhoods in South Austin. It is located southeast of South Austin and it owns everything from schools to a medical center. Home prices here are only slightly above the national average and rental prices are at the average level. The homeowner’s association here takes care of the yards and their appearance very much. This is a nice neighborhood and quite green. It could be a great place for retirees if they want to move and live a quiet life. Those beautiful shades of green, in addition to the rows of trees and yards, are also provided by the huge park located in the neighborhood which is effective for a long walk.

There is no mistake if you have decided to move to Austin. If you haven’t found your home yet, it is of great importance to check the best neighborhoods in South Austin. There is a huge possibility that you will find something great and suitable for yourself.


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