Planning your moving budget in times of crisis

Moving can be an expensive activity that can cause a lot of stress and uncertainty. Making a moving budget is not always easy and it can be very complicated. In addition, you are faced with unknown issues and problems that can influence your moving process. You can try and budget your move to use to keep track of the process and expenses but these unexpected occurrences can make a big change. They can influence your budget and change it considerably by driving your moving costs up. These uncertainties are dominant, particularly in times of crisis. So, what should planning your moving budget in times of crisis look like?

Crisis and finances

Times of crisis can disturb our files considerably. Today in the time of COVID 19 pandemics we can see how crises influence our lives. It creates uncertainty that changes the way we function, live, and budget our existence. It has influenced our businesses and jobs which provide our livelihood. This crisis has also changed our needs and influenced our expenses.

Rolled up Dollar bills
Budgeting your move is the most important aspect of your moving plan

At the same time, it has created uncertainty and risk that is forcing us to make smart decisions when budgeting to prepare for any problem and have a contingency. The crises are also causing us to make changes in our moving plans and expenses. The smart thing is to avoid moving in times of crisis but sometimes there is no choice in the matter. In these conditions, it is important to make adequate plans for your relocation.

Set up your moving budget in times of crisis

To keep track of your moving expenses it is always good to set up your budget template. It will help you keep track of the moving process, the steps you have to make, and the cost of each activity. It is important and it will help you calculate and estimate the real cost of your move and analyze the effects of your decisions.

As such it will help you make rational decisions and determine your course of action. The basic decision you have to make is how you will handle your move? You can opt to hire professionals or you can make your move a DIY effort. The budget and expenses will predominantly be influenced by this decision

Notepad with crumpled up sheets for a moving budget in times of crisis
Try to be realistic and calculate all of the possible expenses in a time of crisis

Hiring a professional mover to handle your move will help you with your moving budget in times of crisis and cut your moving cost. It will still entail considerable movers fees, insurance, extra service cost, etc. A DIY move may seem cheaper but it comes with other expenses that you have to consider.

Expenses like truck rental, travel expenses, equipment rental, insurance, and packing materials are just some of the costs you have to calculate. In addition, DIY moving is more stressful than a professional move because it is all on you which makes it risky and complicated. When you decide on how you are going to move you can play with the options to cut the cost.

Make your budget realistic

Preparation of the budget for your move won’t have any value if you don’t try to make it as realistic as possible, for example, asking for a free moving quote. This means that you must consider other expenses that are not as visible as others but can influence the budget considerably.

These expenses are other travel expenses, commissions, storage, and other fees. In addition, you should always calculate an additional 5% for unexpected occurrences and problems. If you are moving in a time of crisis this segment of expenses becomes extremely important.

Sign saying the word COSTS
Try to encompass all of the possible costs

The uncertainty can cause unexpected expenses to be quite high and you must take that into account. The unexpected events may cause moving costs to be considerably higher, the insurance premium can also skyrocket. You may require additional services during the move that you haven’t planned on. All of these unknowns must be addressed and calculated in your moving budget in a crisis situation.

Planning takes time

So, planning your moving budget is not an easy task. You should get informed and make detailed predictions and calculations. Planning your moving budget in times of crisis is more important than ever, along with making good calculations and a realistic moving plan.

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