Places to visit after moving from New Jersey to Florida

While you plan to relocate from New Jersey to Florida, you’re in for a wild ride. Although you may have enjoyed beautiful beaches on the Jersey Shore, once you come to Florida, you will be greeted by more than 600 miles of breathtaking coastline. The Sunshine State offers a tropical climate, various animals, numerous beaches, and a plethora of recreational possibilities to its citizens. Here are just a few of the many great places you should see after moving from New Jersey to Florida. But be sure that you declutter before you start your move. With a few tips, it will be easy while helping you make the relocation faster and cheaper.

St. Augustine is for the old souls

A trip to Florida would be incomplete without a stop in St. Augustine. America’s oldest city and one of the state’s most attractive locations. Visitors may enjoy a few of the state’s most notable historical landmarks. Thanks to 500 years of recorded history since Ponce de Leon first found the place. Visit the fountain of youth. Browse the colonial-era fort Castillo de San Marcos, see a cannon discharge and re-enactment at the Colonial Quarter.

Bourbon in a barrel one can enjoy after moving from New Jersey to Florida
You will see many historical items when visiting St. Augustine after moving from New Jersey to Florida.

Or perhaps climb the 142-year-old historical lighthouse before going on a spooky pub tour. While professionals at Gibraltar Van Lines will be doing their job and moving your belongings from New Jersey to Florida. They will help you with all the steps of relocation.

From New Jersey to the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys, which feature 120 miles of beautiful tropical islands are a piece of paradise. Famous for its wealth of water-based activities and laid-back atmosphere. Explore undersea sea animals and coral reefs in Coral Reef State Park. Or take a snorkeling trip to a 19th-century castle at Dry Tortugas.  One of the world’s most isolated national parks.

Being at one of Key West’s most gorgeous hotels and resorts can make your trip even more memorable. As you will research what are the best areas to visit while living in Florida. While you are doing this there will be experts ready to simplify the task of moving for you. They will do all the heavy lifting for you while you can plan your visits.

Turtle in the water
You can see many wildlife sea animals when in the Florida Keys

Orlando activities will amaze you

Orlando is indeed a family-friendly place to visit. With events that are sure to satisfy all members of the family. Among the most adored cities on the list for its huge list of theme park attractions. The excitement and roller coasters at Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World are big lures. But don’t overlook the distinct and historically significant Kennedy Space Center where visitors can see where the shuttle launched. Or even have lunch with astronauts.

The crystal clear waters of neighboring Wekiwa Springs and Rock Springs will certainly appeal to nature enthusiasts. And get the most out of your vacation to Disney World. Just make sure to plan a safe relocation before moving from New Jersey to Florida. You also need to see all the online moving reviews so you will hire the best company for the job.

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