Nashville’s most affordable suburbs

If you are looking to move to Nashville, you will probably want to not spend all of your money on expensive housing. That is why you should consider moving to one of Nashville’s most affordable suburbs. Our experts from US Moving Quotes asked their friends from Nashville to help us out and tell us what are those suburbs! Let’s see what they had to say!

The list of Nashville’s most affordable suburbs

Many suburbs surround Nashville, and of course, some are more expensive than others. But, these are Nashville’s most affordable suburbs:

  • Nolensville
  • Brentwood
  • Kingston Springs
  • La Vergne


Nolensville is a suburb of Nashville that is home to about 15 thousand people. It is located about 20 miles southeast of Nashville, and because of its location, it is very popular. You have access to the highway and you are very close to the city if you need anything or if you have e a job there. One of the most popular areas of the city is Nolensville Park which is home to many outdoor recreational activities. The houses in Nolensville come in many different shapes and sizes. They usually cost from $400k to $800k. If this sounds good to you, you should start searching for a house and contacting a mover like Big Heart Moving, and move to Nolensville! 

House in one of Nashville's most affordable suburbs, Nolensville.
There are many different houses to choose from in Nolensville!


Brentwood is roughly ten to fifteen minutes from Nashville. That earned Brentwood the title of one of the most appealing areas! This is especially true for people seeking a conventional suburban lifestyle close to business and entertainment. The city contains a mix of residential and business structures, so most necessities will be close to you at all times. Brentwood is very popular and considered one of the best places in Tennessee for families with kids!

Kingston Springs

Kingston Springs is a scenic bedroom neighborhood on Highway 40 20 miles west of Nashville, giving easy access to luxury shopping and a fast commute to the city’s center. Furthermore, this suburb’s colorful, family-friendly neighborhood is served by a variety of amenities. For example, beautiful parks all along Harpeth River provide a serene respite for residents and tourists of all ages. If you decide on moving to Kingston Springs, you should turn to area’s professionals that will make the process much easier. Moreover, moving to Kingston Springs has never been easier as there are many great companies that will help you out!

La Vergne

Very close to Nashville, right next to Percy Priest Lake, you will find the city of La Vergne. This suburb has everything that you need in suburbs and more! For example, if you like the outdoors, you will love La Vergne and the nearby lake. Moreover, there are many more non-water activities scattered all across the area! But, before buying a place in La Vergne, hire a good home inspector and be sure to consider your budget, because you will need some money for family trips that will be waiting for you in La Vergne!

Geese on Percy Priest Lake.
Percy Pierce Lake offers a lot of different activities!

In conclusion

There are many more things to say about Nashville’s most affordable suburbs, but you should do some more research and find yourself a new home! We hope we helped you narrow down your search!

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