Moving your Kansas City Bar to a bigger space

You’ve reached the point where your current bar location is simply not enough. And that’s fantastic! Expanding your business and moving it into a more appropriate, bigger space will help it in so many ways. Giving your current customers more comfort, attracting new ones, and expanding possibilities for events will surely help your business grow. That’s why, if you’re thinking about moving your Kansas City bar to a bigger place – go for it! The only tricky thing about it is the process of relocating all the bar furniture and other items. Without proper preparation, you may find it difficult and overwhelming, and also risk hurting yourself or damaging some of the expensive bar equipment. That’s why we got you covered – here are all the tips and tricks you’ll need for moving into a bigger bar and starting a new business chapter.

Plan the moving budget

To avoid shocks after getting a final bill, it’s necessary to plan the whole moving budget for your bar move. Spending more than you can afford can seriously affect your business, which is not good especially when starting at a new location. That’s why you should take some time to list all the costs, no matter how big or small they are. With moving services, you can always compare moving quotes from a couple of companies, and make sure you’ve got the best deal.

Stay organized

Moving your Kansas City bar to a bigger place takes a lot of energy and concentration. You need to balance with all the moving tasks and regular bar work. That’s why you need to do your best to stay organized and don’t let the work pile up as the moving day comes closer. Use a dedicated notebook or a mobile app to help you create a moving checklist. List all the tasks you need to finish and sort them into a timeline – so you can finish them one by one as the weeks go by. Furthermore, taking a look at your list will help you don’t forget anything and delay the moving process.

The inventory list is a must

Aside from making a moving checklist, you should also start making an inventory list on time. It will help you estimate how much moving supplies you need and get ready for hiring a moving company. It’s also necessary to notice if you have any specialty items, that require special handling when moving to a new location. For example, pianos should be handled by moving experts, as they are very bulky and heavy, but at the same time very fragile and delicate. That’s why if your bar includes some of the expensive instruments, pool tables, art pieces – make sure you get specialty moving services from a moving pro. 

a bar
Every bar includes a lot of furniture and equipment, so making an inventory list will help the moving process.

Hire a reliable moving company

Moving your Kansas City bar is not a task for an individual. All the furniture and equipment need to be delivered safely and that’s why trusting a professional is the best thing you can do. Professional Moving & Storage will provide you with a skillful and experienced moving team, but you can also use their safe storage units for all the items you don’t need right away in your new bar space.

Remember: It’s good to write a moving review after you’re all set in the new bar location. Writing both positive and negative experiences is valuable for all those people moving in the future. Also, by writing reviews we build a community of safer relocations and more reliable moving options.

Pack safely

If you decide to pack some of your bar items on your own, you need to be prepared for it. Detailed packing is the key to moving your items safely to the new location, so be sure to:

  • have enough packing supplies – don’t underestimate the power of proper packing techniques and sturdy packing supplies. Gather everything you need – moving boxes or some other container, packing paper, peanuts, tape, scissors, etc.
  • label everything – it’s a great idea to label each box with what’s inside. This how you’ll sort the boxes much faster, and find certain items without any problems.
  • don’t overpack – if you’re packing glasses or liquor bottles, make sure you don’t overpack the boxes. It’s best to use medium-sized or small boxes and never fill them to the top. This will help you avoid an additional mess if a box opens during transport, and these are easier to carry.
bottles that need to be packed when moving your Kansas City bar
Packing safely all the bottles, glasses and other fragile items is the biggest challenge of moving your Kansas City bar to a bigger place.


When moving your Kansas City bar into a bigger place, you’ll probably have a couple of days of downtime – depending on your organization. So the more you’re organized with this relocation, the faster you’ll set up the new bar. Therefore, plan this downtime period wisely, and do some of the improvements before you start working and taking guests.

Talk to your staff

The essential part of every business is the employees. Make sure you talk about the move on time and see if anything changes because of it. See if the new location is easily accessed by the employees, or is some of them have a problem with transport, for example. Either way, letting your team know about the move as soon as possible is an important step in moving your Kansas City bar.

a wall in a bar
Everybody should be informed about the move – employees, customers, partners, etc.

Let everybody know

Moving to a new location can be tricky in keeping the old customers and attracting new ones. That’s why you should run a proper ‘campaign’ weeks before the moving date. Use your social media profile to let everybody know about the new location, emphasizing all the good things about it.

Stay positive

Every business change is sometimes difficult, and there will probably some challenges to overcome during this moving process. However, your attitude can really help you deal with all the problems much easier, so be sure to keep up the good spirit. Remember that moving your Kansas City bar into a bigger place will be a piece of cake is you’re organized and supported by professionals. Good luck!

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