Moving with a family in a hurry – how to handle it

In a perfect world, people would have all the time they need to prepare for big life events, like moving definitely is. There are many things to think about, a lot of tiny details, and an abundance of individual tasks. So, naturally, you would need at least a month to prepare for the move in the right manner. However, as we are constantly reminded, we’re not living in this perfect world. In our world, life comes at you very fast, so moving with a family in a hurry sometimes can’t be avoided.

There are two types of these rushed moves. One is where you have very little time between finding out that you have to move and the actual moving day. And the other one is where you procrastinate just a little bit too long and you find yourself in a time pinch. So you don’t know what to do first. Whichever scenario you’re encountering, what you need at this moment is a plan. And boy do we got one for you.

Always start with logistics

When moving with a family in a hurry the most important thing is to know is where to start. Don’t think now about arranging your plants after the move, you’ll have tome for that later. What’s crucial now is not to get scared. We know that everything looks both necessary and difficult right now. But, not everything is gray. Just take a deep breath and start crossing items from your list.

Hire a moving company

There’s no way you can do everything by yourself in a few days, so hiring a moving company at this moment is crucial. Now, we know that since corona pandemic social distancing is one of the biggest topics, and that is not without a reason. However, many serious and reliable moving companies, like made sure to take all the precautions and to follow government orders. So you shouldn’t worry about that as much as about trying to do everything on time.

Man moving with a family in a hurry.
Trying to balance everything on your own will be hard, so finding some professional help when moving with your family in a hurry is a good idea.

Get rid of anything you don’t need when moving with family in a hurry

The math here is simple. The fewer things you have to pack, the easier packing will be. Also, because movers charge by weight, your moving quote will be lower. This means that you’re spending less money, which is always a great thing. Especially when performing a family relocation in a hurry. Additionally, if you’re moving into a smaller home, this is something that you would have to do anyway. Go through each and every room in your house and find everything that you don’t need, or you haven’t used it in more than a year.

Here, you have to think practically and not sentimentally. Being merciless is one characteristic that really can get a lot of use here. While you’re collecting all the things, separate them in three piles.

  • DonateThese are things that you don’t need, but that someone else can use and be happy with it. Old gadgets, clothes, or anything else you can think of. Your little can mean a lot to someone who doesn’t have anything.
  • RecycleHere, we’re talking about plastic laying around your house. And you’ll be surprised how much of that you have laying around.
  • Throw awayThings that are of no use for anyone anymore. Garbage. And if you’re living with kids, chances are that you have lots of it.
Plastic waste on a table.
You’ll be surprised by the amount of clutter you had in your home.

Pack an essentials bag

Before you start packing your home, put together a small duffel bag that you’ll fill with the essentials that you can’t afford to lose it misplace in all the chaos. Here, we’re talking about medications, documents, chargers, toiletries, maybe even some clothes. You would want to do this even if you’re not moving with your family in a hurry, but now it’s even more important. Once that is done, you can proceed toward your biggest challenge. Packing.

Pack, don’t think

Now, packing usually is a sophisticated and long process. And if you want to go that way, and do everything properly you’re going to need some professional help. Movers are doing this every day, and they know how to pack everything properly, and yet quickly. Luckily for you, Los Angeles offers affordable help with packing. However, even affordable can be a lot at the last minute, so we’re going to explain the other way to you.

Packing in a hurry asks for a different approach than regular packing. The first rule of emergency packing is pack now and sort later. Don’t try to mix and match everything and find a theme for every box. There’s no time for that. Just worry about packing things safely and securely. It’s okay if wine’s with board games, and if socks are with plates. That even can be a good thing.

In fact, the second rule is about using soft items to protect the breakables. Wrap the vases in blankets and shirts that you have. Towels also work great as protection. You’re saving on multiple levels by doing this. You can even use stuffed toys, as opposed to storing kids’ toys when performing a regular move.

Other things to remember are to keep your space clear. Set up your boxes only when you need them and fill one by one. This way you’ll increase your efficiency and everything will run much faster. And the last thing you can do to save time is to pack what’s left of your clothes as they are. Everything that’s hanging in the closet can be slid into a garbage bag from underneath. Just tape the bag at the top, and you can even hang them somewhere.

Cardboard moving boxes in living room.
Packing will be the most difficult part of your moving with a family in a hurry, so get as much help as possible with it.

Ask for help

Whatever you do, don’t try to perform everything on your own. Moving with a family in a hurry is just that. Relocating with your loved ones. So make sure that everyone participates in the moving process as much as possible. Help each other and all of you will have a better time.

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