Moving to Wellington, FL with toddlers: pro tips

Are you planning on moving to Wellington with your toddlers? As a parent, you already know that even a good day without any interruptions can be challenging with toddlers, especially when they become threenagers right? That’s why we wanted to help you with some tips directly coming from parents of toddlers who had to relocate.

Talk to your toddlers before moving to Wellington

People forget that they understand us. No matter how small they are, they get everything. That’s why talking to them is crucial. Don’t just bring them to a new place and expect they will understand it. They won’t. You have to talk to them every day about moving to Wellington and your new home. If possible, take them to see the place before the actual relocation, and show them their room and everything. Include stories about your new home in your night readings and everything. This is a very important step as important as finding some organizing tips.

A mother reading a kid's book about moving to Wellington to her kid.
Find some kid’s books about moving

Now is not a time for major changes

This is a huge change for your kid. Do not make any more major changes if you don’t have to. Chances are your kid is already changing daycare and the rest. So if you were planning on getting rid of the pacifier or nappies wait a little bit longer. Also, try to stick to their routine even during the hectic days of relocation. City Movers have good advice on this so check it out.

This is a great time for a toy purge

Parents buy too many toys for their kids. It’s just the way it is. But now is a perfect time to do some decluttering and get rid of the excess items. Surely you have some stuff that is broken and unusable – those you can just throw away. The toys that are fine but your kids have overgrown or simply don’t like you can give away to friends, store them or donate. You can also sell those.

A small yellow toy car and some puzzles.
Do you already have in mind some toys that can stay behind?

It’s up to you. Packing, later on, will be much easier. Settling in on the other hand is much harder. If you want to settle in with no stress you can always call local movers to help you out and make it faster.

Prepare yourself for your new life in Wellington with your little ones

Ok, we established that you are moving to Wellington with your toddlers but did you prepare for your new life there? There are things you need to research like a new doctor for your family, daycare, and similar things. But you should also find new parks nearby, stores that sell baby stuff and clothes, and everything you already have and use in your old neighborhood. Don’t worry, you got this. Good luck and remember – kids are adaptable. They just need some time.

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