Moving to Frisco, TX – everything you need to know about this charming city

Ah, Fisco. Frisco is a very charming city located in Texas, with a population of over 150 thousand people. In 2003, Frisco received the designation ‘Tree City USA’. That means that Frisco cares about the environment and that it is a very ‘green’ city. Frisco is a very charming town. It is very easy to commute through Frisco. It has a nice walking track, and if you care about yourself, and about the environment, walk as much as you can. So, what is there to know about this charming city and how can you move to Frisco, you’re going to find out in this article about moving to Frisco.

Moving to Frisco – Is Frisco, TX a good place to live?

Let’s get straight to the point and ask the question – is Frisco in Texas a good place to live in? Well, let’s explore some aspects, and see in which categories Frisco is excelling, and in which is Frisco struggling. We are going to separate this question into five questions. And those questions are:

Does Frisco have good schools?

Absolutely. Frisco in Texas has some of the best schools in Texas. They are all rated pretty high, and their test scores are way above the national average. Public schools are fantastic with wholesome teachers and staff. So, we give them an A+ grade when it comes to education in Frisco. Just make sure that you got your online quotas on time before you move to Frisco!

Moving to Frisco for education.
Moving to Frisco is a good decision.

What is the level of education of Frisco’s residents?

The level of education of Frisco’s residents is way above the national average, and above the state’s average. Twenty-three percent of the population has a master’s degree or higher, and 38 percent have a bachelor’s degree. The national average is 12% for master’s degrees and higher, and 19% is for a bachelor’s degree. All in all, Frisco is a very educated city, and from that level of education, you can expect the city to be a fantastic one.

Working in Frisco?

Frisco is a fantastic place when it comes to finding a job. You can almost be certain that you will find a job that is for you in Frisco. And you will be moving to a new neighborhood with ease! The median household income of a resident is 120 thousand dollars, while the national average is around 55 thousand dollars.

Is Frisco a safe place?

Yes, Frisco is a safe place. But the city has around 150 thousand people, and you cannot expect it to be quite free. But don’t worry, you don’t have to fear for your own life in Frisco. Safety is still above the national average.  We think that is already a good reason to call our friends from Small World Moving TX and book your date for relocation to Frisco. 

Police officers.
You don’t have to worry about the crime in Frisco.

Are people happy in Frisco?

Residents of Frisco love their city. They are very pleased with the quality of life in Frisco, and they wouldn’t trade it for any place else in Texas or Dallas. So, come to Frisco, you will love it, and it will be one of the greatest decisions that you have made in your life!

Hire a good moving company for moving to Frisco

It is important to have a good and reliable moving company that serves in Frisco. Just make sure to compare the prices before you make the final decision!

Good luck!

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