Most desirable Washington DC neighborhoods

Every city no matter how big or small has the most desirable areas. It is in our very nature to compare everything surrounding us, our living environment included. Big cities are not an exception. Most desirable Washington DC neighborhoods are proof. These areas blend into each other almost imperceptibly, making it difficult to notice where one great neighborhood stops and the other begins.

Our pick of most desirable Washington DC neighborhoods

If you’re looking for one of the best West Coast cities for entrepreneurs, look no more. Where better to start growing your business than at the city which is at its heart. If you search for a good place to raise your family or explore options for education and employment, one of Washington DC’s neighborhoods will make a good base. But which ones are the most attractive?

  • Adams Morgan
  • Bloomingdale
  • Dupont Circle
  • Foggy Bottom
  • Georgetown

Hopefully, we’ll help you out not only with the list but our perception of these lovely DC communities.

Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan seems to represent everything a person would want from a neighborhood. It is pedestrian-friendly and you can (and should) enjoy long walks around. There is plenty to see and experience, from bars, restaurants, and cafes to amazing architecture. It is a perfect fit for both young professionals and families.

Colorful houses in one of the most desirable Washington DC neighborhoods.
All good neighborhoods look alike, or do they?

It is safe but vibrant. Offers a small-town feel in a contemporaneous environment. It’s located at the District’s core and yet incredibly close to all other neighborhoods. Well kept and clean, it proves that neighbors do care about it as they would care about their own homes. What’s there not to like?


If you wish to feel the true sense of connectedness with the local community then Bloomingdale is meant for you. It doesn’t surprise that numerous transplants to West Coast and Washington DC, in particular, have chosen this neighborhood to call home. Not even the efforts of a long-distance relocation could sway them from moving. After all, once you find the right spot you can easily¬†transfer everything to your new home with professional help.

Bloomingdale has undergone plenty of chance over the course of the last few decades but all were for the best. Restaurants with walking distance from your home, energetic nightlife and the feeling of security in harmony with each other, friendly and cordial neighbors will all make settling in the best part of your life so far.

Dupont Circle

Nestled between Adams Morgan and Georgetown, Dupont Circle is a location that attracts in its own specific way. If you’re into a busy, active lifestyle, happy hours, and fun activities, you’ll find them here. And you will also find great diversity among its residents, which are rather numerous. This lively neighborhood offers all the best of big city life making it rightly one of the most desirable Washington DC neighborhoods.

It is both a good place to work as it is to live in. You will easily find a plethora of wonderful things to enjoy, be it food, drinks, or friends. Most of which you’ll easily find in a local farmers market. Dupont Circle truly embodies a unique charm and personality that only comes as a blend of its energetic, friendly residents.

Foggy Bottom

Don’t let the name misleads you. There’s nothing foggy or backward about Foggy Bottom. For a family moving across the country to reach this specific destination, there won’t be any disappointments. If they pay attention to a few things, every family will thrive here. It is greatly connected with the other parts of the city, bus and metro stations being almost at every other corner. Despite that, many of its residents and visitors alike choose to walk around.

Foggy Bottom, Washington DC neighborhood
Foggy Bottom is one of the most desirable Washington DC neighborhoods for a plethora of good reasons.

You will easily spot numerous celebrities strolling around which may distract you from enjoying the cultural venues, long walks by the river, or a delightful offer of local delicacies. It is one of those places where you can find everything you need for an enjoyable, comfortable but stimulating life.

Logan Circle/Shaw

There are not many places where one can feel truly accepted than in Logan Circle. Long-time residents mark this trait as one of the most specific and most charming of all. Whoever you are, whatever your forte, you will find support in this area. Over twenty-six thousand residents are proof that Logan Circle/Shaw makes for a good place to live and work. It constantly develops and evolves. Restaurants present an offer that is matched perhaps only by the local bars and nightclubs.

Nightlife is as exciting as it can get, but this neighborhood is not only about non-stop action. Elegant townhouses that were built in the late 1800s witnessed life that was much different than today. Still, the local Historic District doesn’t stop numerous young families to borrow it their energetic vibe.


Quaint and safe, Georgetown will charm all who visit. Its energy is in no way sleepy, though. It is home to a great number of shops but also to Georgetown University. Small wonder that this neighborhood is one of the best locations in Washington DC for start-up companies. With so much young educated blood swarming the area, it’s one of the locations entrepreneurs find attractive and quite convenient. It provides a lot of opportunities for both parties to find the perfect match.

Colorful houses in Washigton DC.
These vibrantly colored townhouses are not exactly what you would expect to see when visiting a historic district.

As famous for its shopping, it is also renowned for its Historic District, the first such in Washington DC originating in 1950. While living here does require deeper pockets, those who already have the pleasure of residing here wouldn’t change it for any other place in the world. It is not one of the most desirable Washington DC neighborhoods but the most desirable one.

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