Most affordable places in Ohio for families

When moving with your family, you have to worry about many factors. Is it close to your work, is quiet, and many others? But right now, your number one concern is where to move that is cheap for families. We believe you will not be wrong if you decide to relocate to Ohio with your family. With that in mind, let US Moving Quotes tell you about the most affordable places in Ohio for families. 

Why move to Ohio with your family 

Before we get into where you should move to Ohio with your family, let’s see what this “flyover” state can offer you. 

Reasons to come to Ohio 

  • The first stand-out thing about Ohio is the cost of living. Ohio is the 14th-ranked state when it comes to affordability. Because Ohio is so inexpensive, you will find many affordable places in Ohio for families. The price of living in Ohio is about 18% lower than the average in America. So if you want to save money, come to Ohio, and before you do not forget to cut packing expenses to save even more money. 
  • Another reason to come to Ohio is the weather. If you lived in Florida or California, coming to Ohio will be a new experience for you and your kids. Since Ohio has four distinct seasons, you will get to see the beauty of all of them. In addition, Ohio has a lot of outdoor activities, so you can get your family out and explore your new hometown. 
  • The third reason to come to Ohio is to give your kids an exceptional education. Ohio State University is one of the best public universities in the country and can provide your kids with a good education in whatever area they wish to pursue. 
  • The final reason to relocate to Ohio with your family is Lake Erie. Lake Erie is not only an enormous mass of water, but it has a lot of activities for you and your family. You can go on a Dinner Cruise by taking a yacht in Cleveland. Spend a day on the lake with fine dining. 
people graduating
Ohio State University can provide your children with one of the best educations in Amerika.

So if you like what Ohio has to offer, you should come here with the help of reliable movers. If you are moving to Columbus, is an excellent choice, or look for another Ohio-based company instead. 

Most affordable places in Ohio for families – Blacklick 

The first city we will talk about is Blacklick. Blacklick is a small community of around 9,000 people. The cost of living is a bit higher than the average in Ohio because the housing market is more expensive. The median home cost in Ohio is about 180,000-dollars, while in Blacklick is around 285,000-dollars. 

But it will still cost you less to live in Blacklick than in an average American city. Even though the community is more costly, it makes up for it since it is close to Columbus. Blacklick is only 10-miles away from the state capital, and it will take around 20-minutes to reach it without traffic. Being close to Columbus will give you and your family a lot of benefits. So declutter before the relocation and come to Blacklick fast. 

Benefits of being close to Columbus 

First, you will not struggle to find a job since there are plenty of job opportunities in Ohio. 

Second, when you get a job, it would be a high-paying one and allow you to live comfortably in Blacklick. Third, you will have more choices to do fun activities with your family. 

building near body of water
Even though Blacklick is one of the most affordable places in Ohio for families, you get a lot of bonuses by being close to Columbus.

And finally, move to Blacklick because of the community. Only 9,000 people live in Blacklick, which means you can lead a community-driven suburban lifestyle where your kids can have a happy and safe childhood. To make your home in Blacklick cozier, make room in your home by getting a reliable storage unit nearby. They will keep your things safe until you need them again. 

Most affordable places in Ohio for families – Beavercreek

Beavercreek is a city in Metro Dayton, and about 46,000 people live there. The closest larger city is Dayton, with a population of around 137,000. You can reach Dayton from Beavercreek in less than 15-minutes if there is no traffic via US-35 E. The city is not very diverse, with about 86% of the population being white. In Beavercreek, you will not struggle to find friends since around 11,000 people are married. 

Benefits of living in Beavercreek

The first benefit of living in Beavercreek is the cost of living. Same as Blacklick, Beavercreek is more costly than the Ohio average. But Beavercreek is more affordable than Blacklick. The city is 10% less expensive than the national average. Even though it is part of the Metro Dayton area, housing prices have not skyrocketed. The median home cost in Beavercreek is around 255,000$, which is higher than the Ohio average of 179,700$. But the homes are still less costly than the American median home cost of 291,700$. 

The second benefit of living in Beavercreek is the job market. As we said, Beavercreek is part of Metro Dayton, and there are plenty of jobs in the area. In addition, when you find a job, your pay will be above average. The average household income in Beavercreek is around 88,000$ while the average in America is about 57,000$. 

white and red wooden house
Since your salary is high and homes are affordable, you will not struggle to buy a home in Beavercreek.

Finally, there are many activities in Beavercreek. You and your family can spend a day in the Mall at Fairfield Commons. The mall has everything; from delicious food to diverse shops. Or, if you want to spend your day outside, go to Shoup Park or Rotary Park

Pick one of the most affordable and family-friendly places in Ohio

These are some of the most affordable places in Ohio for families. Before you choose any one of them, you should conduct even more research on Ohio cities to be sure.

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