Most affordable neighborhoods in Frederick, Maryland

Frederick County is an amazing place in Maryland to live in. No matter whether you are a young parent with small children or an elderly person in retirement. This is surely a place where everyone would find living relaxing and peaceful. If that is what you are looking for, moving to Frederick is the right thing to do. There are so many places where you can enjoy your peace and quiet. The only downside to living in Frederick County, Maryland is the fact that it is not inexpensive. Housing costs a lot in Maryland and this is why not more people live here. They would if they could afford to. And if you can afford to live in Frederick county but you don’t want to be spending all of your money, you can opt for some of the more affordable neighborhoods in Frederick. There are a couple of them and we are here to tell you which ones.


If you don’t mind living in a very small town, Urbana is for you. It has just over 12,000 residents and despite its name, it isn’t very urban. Urbana can’t even be considered a town. It is a census-designated place in Frederick County. This is why we are counting it as a neighborhood. But although it isn’t very urban, it isn’t very expensive either. You will be able to find great homes here for a reasonable amount of money. can help you relocate to this neighborhood whenever you wish to do so.

Maryland countryside.
Maryland is one of the most beautiful states.

Ballenger Creek

Another census-designated place in Frederick County is Ballenger Creek. But this one is bigger than the previous one. It has over 20,000 residents. This makes the neighborhood a bit more fun to live in as there are more people. It is very close to the Frederick urban area which is why a lot of young people want to live here.

You also have to add the fact that it is a safe place and an affordable neighborhood. When you add it all together, who wouldn’t want to live here? A lot of people from downtown Frederick moved to Ballenger Creek this year. If thinking about doing the same, a local crew is the best assistance when moving if you will be having a local move.

Frederick view
Frederick is a great town and living in this neighborhood allows you to live almost in the downtown of the city.

Braddock Heights

Last but not least census-designated place in Frederick County that we are going to mention is Braddock Heights. This is a neighborhood completely detached from Frederick which is what some people seem to love about it the most. It is located very close to Frederick but not attached to it. Plenty of elderly people move here for that reason.

Around 7,000 people live in Braddock today which is the least from the previous two neighborhoods that we mentioned. Have in mind that according to the census in 2010, just around 2,000 people lived in Braddock Heights. The neighborhood has grown since then and evolved into a bigger community with everything you need. This is a perfect place to move alone. Plus it is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Frederick.

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