Leaving the US: Timeline for moving your home internationally

Moving is very stressful and for some an overwhelming experience. It is a lot of work that needs to be managed and organized well. However, the task of moving is completely doable and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a success. The key to this is to make a moving timeline and a schedule. Whether you are moving locally, interstate, or even leaving the US this is necessary. Basically, the farther you move the more complex the move and timetable for it will be. But keep in mind that this timetable is here to help you. So don’t panic and make sure you prepare it.

Creating a moving timetable

The most important thing about it is to make it as detailed as possible. When you are moving long distances or internationally the organization and calculating moving costs can be a nightmare. This is why it is important to make it as detailed as possible. The better you prepare it the more help your timeframe will provide, meaning that it will:

  • help you organize your time
  • won’t let you forget anything
  • keep you on the right path and budget
  • set priorities straight
  • will keep you efficient
Leaving the US and moving by truck.
The true value of your timetable can be seen if you are moving your household internationally and leaving the US.

When you have to organize movers to transfer your belongings safely overseas, the timetable will keep everything in perspective.

Making a timetable

The timetable will be a list of things that you will have to complete for the move to be successful. It should comprise a list of tasks and timeframes in which you will have to perform them. It is critical to start making the timetable well ahead of time so you can prepare. This is why most moving schedules deal with the process of preparing for the move weeks ahead of the moving day. Here is what a short version of this timetable should deal with:

4 weeks before moving

You should enlist the help of professional packers or friends to help you pack. Also, research, negotiate and hire the movers to handle your relocation. Cancel the subscriptions and make travel plans. Also, prepare the packing supplies and start decluttering.

2 weeks before moving

Do not panic! Contact your movers and confirm the moving date. If you team up with experts from movingtransparent.com, agree or confirm additional moving services that you will need from them. Disconnect the utilities and start packing fragile and valuable items. Try to organize a farewell party and say goodbye to friends and family.

Moving trucks on a highway.
Moving timetable is important and will keep you on the right track.

1 week before moving

This is the most stressful week but try to be calm. Pay your bills and start disassembling your furniture. pack your essential moving boxes and prepare for the moving day.

Leaving the US: Moving day

If you have done everything right the moving day should be a breeze. You can only wait for the movers to arrive and assist them in packing your belongings. Take a tour around the house to make sure nothing is missed. prepare for starting your new life in your new home.

So, there are many ways to make a moving timetable so start researching and preparing yours. Make sure you do it well because if you are leaving the US your long-distance move has to be planned and organized in the best possible way. Do not skip this step. It will help you alleviate your moving stress and anxiety.

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