Inspiring interior design ideas for small NYC galleries

Ah, New York, the great Big Apple. Some call it the cultural Mecca of the world. What once was Paris before WWII afterward became New York. Everything that was new in the art world – happened there. NYC’s reputation hasn’t changed to this day. It’s safe to assume opening up a gallery in NYC is the logical thing to. If you ever plan to open one up, that is. If you’re reading this text there’s a fair chance you’re in the process of redesigning your own NYC gallery space. By the end of this article, you’ll have a few ideas more on how to do it with a decent amount of style. We’ll show you everything you need to know. So, prepare yourself for a trip through some inspiring interior design ideas for small NYC galleries. You’ll have a blast. Well, at least we hope so.

Minimalism is the key. Or is it, really?

Now, here’s an idea. Although it may sound kind of unoriginal we’d recommend you take it into consideration. It’s not just a cute little idea for your gallery; it’s more of a conceptual thing. Please don’t mind the quasi-sophisticated language being used here. We’re just kidding, of course. If you’re already into the minimalistic arrangement of space, whether it’s your own apartment or your NYC gallery you can skip this paragraph. Most galleries are arranged in that manner – it would come as no surprise. On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of the minimalistic setting – white walls, wooden floors, and nothing else – try being as minimalist as you can. The focus should be on the artworks. Everything distracting the beholder’s eye besides the picture itself should be prohibited.

A girl sitting in a small NYC gallery.
Let’s call it the usual – white walls and wooden floors. The artworks should be in focus here.

There’s no need to be so rigid

Okay, so you find that whole minimalist thing boring. We get it – it kinda is. There’s no need to be so rigid. If you’re thinking we’re playing for both teams – well, you’re right. What can you do then? Nothing. Just listen to what we have to offer here and pick something out. First of all – decorate the walls with some line patterns or circles. Of course, try not to be too kitschy. Is that even a word? Anyway, you get it. Being kitschy unironically is something art lovers hate and find distasteful. On the other hand – if you want your gallery to be popular for some really horrific interior design then you know what to do – go for it. Maybe that’s your shtick. Who knows? Out of all design ideas for small NYC galleries being the kitschiest NYC gallery might be your thing.

Getting professional help

You came here for some cool ideas and now we’re telling you to get professional assistance. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, not really. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to hire professional interior designers. Or even graphic designers to freshen up the whole image of the gallery. A new logo can do you good, for example. When you’re in NYC quality services are behind every corner. For example, you’ve done your whole gallery remodeling thing and now you want the artworks moved back from the storage facility where you’ve safely stored ’em. Contact quality fine-art movers, sit back, relax and let experts handle the pieces. New York is well-known for its quality movers, you don’t need to worry about your pricy and delicate artworks being damaged. The last thing you want is some crazy artist jumping on your head because of a scratch here and there.

A 19th century picture of little children playing.
We all know paintings are hard to maneuver. That’s why hiring pros in the business is a must. Unless you want to confront angry artists.

Install a little art library

This one’s a bit practical. Installing a little art library inside the gallery is something you should take into consideration. What better way to introduce the artists presented in your gallery than by having the whole history of art on the shelf inside the gallery. It’s also a great way to encourage your visitors to come again. Hire a local artist to help you make the shelves. If you’d ever need to transport ’em someplace feel free to contact Movage Moving NYC, experts in the field. They’ll make sure your gallery gets an unscratched bookshelf ready for use. There’s no better way to attract art enthusiasts. Your gallery might even turn out to be a cult place, so to speak. Just imagine all the art students mingling inside your gallery. Okay, that’s not the best way to put it.

Library shelves. A great interior design idea for your small NYC gallery.
Installing an art library inside the gallery is a cool thing to do in order to encourage new visitors to come over and take a look.

A quick recap before the end

So, these were some ideas you can put to use. Of course, there are many more that couldn’t fit into this text format. Let’s do a quick resume. First of all – a minimalistic approach to gallery space. It’s the ideal look. Just imagine a gallery somewhere and that’s the photo that comes to your mind – white walls and wooden floors. If you’d ever want to break the stereotypical gallery look try adding some little details. Avoid being kitschy, unless you want your gallery to get a certain reputation, which can still do you good. If that works for you – just go ahead. Also, try installing an art library inside your gallery. It can get you some fresh visitors and art enthusiasts. Fine-art movers in NYC are top-notch so don’t be afraid about your artwork getting damaged during the moving process.

There you have it – some inspiring design ideas for small NYC galleries. Hopefully – this was informative for you. It might not be much but these were some pretty good pieces of advice. There’s no need to be this confident. We’ll stop here. Best of luck with your gallery makeover.

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