How to sell your Lincolnwood house in less than a month

If you have to sell your Lincolnwood house, we will show you how to do it. We will also show you some tricks to speed up the process. Selling and moving can be a tiring process but it will be worth it once it’s all done. There are people who can help you along the way and we will show you who is that. The whole point of engaging professionals is to speed up the process. Don’t worry, there are ways to do this and avoid any additional stress at the same time. Just relax and read on.

How to sell your Lincolnwood house (the process)

  • your first step is finding a reputable realtor
  • then you can set the price (engage experts if you need help with the price)
  • set your timeline (a month or less for example)
  • think about getting a home inspection before listing
  • if the place is empty think about home staging (we will talk more about this one later on)
  • list your home
  • find a good storage unit for all the excess stuff you don’t want others to see or touch during the showings
  • you need to endure home showings
  • when the time comes to negotiate, do it as much as you can and then you can close the deal
A woman holding a for sale sign
Now is actually a great time to sell the house.

Things that will help you to sell your Lincolnwood house quickly

Small repairs can be worth it. You can do a few little things that will brighten up the place and make it look more desirable. The better the place looks the quicker it will be sold. Some of the things you can do are pretty inexpensive like painting walls. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will make the place look clean and fresh. You can do it yourself or you can call friends to help you. Paint the walls white – that is the safest bet. Also, get rid of any blackout curtains. Make sure that there is plenty of light in the house. You want potential buyers to see the place well. You can also hire people to do deep-cleaning of carpets. That will make the house smell great too.

Home staging

This is a very popular technique mainly because it is proven to work. If you have an empty house people will just see the empty place. It’s hard to imagine what it would look like or how it could look like. That’s why you can rent some nice furniture to let people see the full potential of the place. Talk to your realtor about this. He or she will surely be able to help you with finding the right place that can rent you furniture. If you are selling the place fully furnished already then you can skip this altogether. We needed to mention this for the ones with the empty house because it is known that home staging is a great way to speed up the selling process. Even though it’s still far away start planning your moving budget because this is right around the corner.

A couch and a small table in a living room.
Home staging is very popular.

Realtor tricks

Reliable movers like know all the tricks when it comes to moving you and they can do it in no time. The same works with realtors. They know all the tricks that can help you to sell the house in less than a month. That’s why engaging professionals is always smart. Old tricks like the smell of cookies in the air are a bit outdated but any good realtor will have a few tricks up their sleeve. Talk to your realtor and ask them about those tricks but beware some realtors don’t like to share their tricks.

If your house needs some work done

In case your house is not in the best condition and needs some work you should find a contractor. See if it will be worth it to do some work before selling the place. If it’s not worth it, you will need to lower the price so you can sell the place quickly. This is all up to you but call professionals first and see what you can do.

Do you have a yard?

Even if you have the smallest yard – this can be your wow factor. Make sure that your grass is freshly cut. Add some details and make the yard looks inviting and cozy. That will make people interested. Ever since the lockdowns during the pandemic happened yards became very appreciated. Use that to your advantage. Add some swing or some flowers. Do whatever you have (that is not going to affect you a lot financially) to make the yard look nice. If you have some excess items in your yard now is the time to declutter the place.

A man cutting grass in his yard as you should do so you can sell your Lincolnwood house in less than a month
Having a nice yard is a luxury nowadays.

Moving in a hurry

In case you get an offer right away you will need to relocate quickly. Luckily you can rely on expert assistance. Professional movers can make your relocation easy and stress-free even if you are in a hurry. Just give them a call and explain all the details and tell them exactly what you need and they will make sure to accommodate you.

Before we end our little talk

We showed you some ways and tips on how to sell your Lincolnwood house but we forgot one little thing – the garage. Once again if you don’t have one just skip this but if you do, keep reading. Surely you have collected over the years some pretty unnecessary items and they are just collecting dust in your garage. Now is the time to call junk removalists and make the garage looks as nice as the rest of the place. This sounds like an extensive amount of work but selling a house in less than a month requires this much work. Especially if you want to get your asking price.

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