How to prepare your budget for moving to Hong Kong?

Moving to Hong Kong from anywhere in the world is going to be a huge expense. Hong Kong is a very expensive city. This is why you need to prepare your budget for moving to Hong Kong. And this is something that needs to be done months in advance. A moving budget needs to be well thought-through. Especially when we’re talking about international relocation. When you are relocating internationally there are a lot more expenses that need to be covered. A lot of moving mishaps can occur when you are relocating internationally and you need to be prepared for every single one of them. Preparing a budget sure is going to be one of the hardest tasks regarding your relocation to Hong Kong.

Consider moving company expenses when you need to prepare your budget for moving to Hong Kong

As you are moving internationally, the best way to make your move a bit cheaper and less stressful is to hire a moving company. This is going to be your first expense. is a great moving company that you can hire for your relocation to Hong Kong. You should contact the moving company you’re thinking of hiring and ask them for more information.

A reliable moving company is going to give you a quote or an estimate by sending an estimator to your home. the estimator is going to go through all your belongings with your help and write everything down. This is done because the moving company calculates how much you’re going to pay by the weight and the size of your move as well as the distance. You can contact multiple moving companies and then compare moving quotes.

A calculator and a pen you will use to prepare your budget for moving to Hong Kong.
Getting a moving quote or an estimate is going to help you create a moving budget.

Your moving company expense is going to be big no matter how many things you are moving because you are going to be moving a long distance. But this is still going to be much cheaper than if you were to try to ship your belongings on your own without the help of a reliable moving company.

Moving insurance

Because we’re talking about an international move here, you definitely need to get moving insurance. A lot of bad things could happen during this type of relocation. For example, some of your belongings might be damaged or broken. Some of them can even be lost along the way. And if you have moving insurance, the moving company you hired is going to pay you some amount of money for the damage if it is their fault. It is always good to have moving insurance, even when you are having a local move. So, when you get down to prepare your budget for moving to Hong Kong, do not forget about moving insurance.

Signing papers.
Having insurance is important.

How will you travel there?

The next expense you have to think about is your traveling expense. You too have to get to Hong Kong, not just your belongings. And if you are moving internationally, you definitely need to travel by plane. And plane tickets can be very expensive. Especially if you decide to buy them last minute. And if there’s more of you, this is an even bigger expense. You will be able to find cheaper tickets if you look for them months in advance. This is also going to help you make a budget for moving to Hong Kong.

But you can’t get plane tickets aren’t without one thing – a Hong Kong visa.¬†Getting your Hong Kong visa with ease and on time is possible only if you start the whole process months in advance. This is something that takes time because there’s a lot of paperwork involved. And you aren’t the only one moving to Hong Kong and you never know how long are you going to wait. This is why it’s better to start this whole process months in advance.

A passport and a plane ticket.
Tickets are another expense.

Do not forget packing supplies when you prepare your budget for moving to Hong Kong

Packing supplies are another expense that needs to be covered. And as you are moving long-distance you definitely need to invest in good packing supplies. What packing supplies do you need for your international relocation? You are going to need:

  • moving boxes of different sizes and kinds
  • bubble pack
  • wrapping foil
  • packing peanuts
  • heavy-duty tape
  • tape dispensers
  • markers.

You can find these packing supplies anywhere. Make sure you get a lot of bubble packs and wrapping foil. They are used for securing breakable items. Wrap the item in bubble pack, put it in a box, and then wrap the box with wrapping foil. Packing peanuts are used to fill the empty space inside of a box so that the things inside don’t tumble too much.

Selling your previous home and buying a new one in Hong Kong

The biggest expense you’re going to have is selling your previous home if you were a homeowner and buying a new home in Hong Kong. You need to get a real estate agent involved which also costs money. There’s a lot of paperwork and you’ll have to cover a lot of things regarding this. But if you were renting a home and you’re going to be renting a home, you won’t have these huge expenses. You are probably going to have to hire a real estate agent who is going to find you a new home in Hong Kong.

Always leave a little money on the side

We’ve mentioned this many times but truly a lot of things can go wrong when you are relocating. This is why it is very important to leave some money on the side for if something bad happens. Some additional moving fees might pop up. You never know and it’s why it is best to always be prepared.

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