How to pack your clothes for moving long distance

Packing is the most time-consuming and tedious activity when moving. However, it is one of the most important ones. You want to protect your belongings while moving and especially for long-distance moves. This is especially true for your clothes. Although you can always hire some packing assistance, most of us can’t afford such luxury. So, we are usually forced to DIY this activity. With this in mind, it is clearly important to know just how to pack your clothes for moving. With some proper advice and good preparation, anyone can tackle this job that can also help you execute your move on budget and without too much trouble.

Packing your clothes – sort out and categorize

The first step in packing your clothes is to make sure and sort them out. There is a lot to go through so invest some time in this preparatory activity. It will help you assess what you have and need to move. It will also give you an idea of what packing supplies you should get. So, sort out all of the clothes and categorize them. After that, you can get on with the hands-on packing process.

A person packing clothes into a box
Get the right supplies and make sure to declutter before you start packing


Packing clothes can be a difficult thing to do but it doesn’t have to be. What overwhelms most people is the sheer amount of stuff to pack. But let’s face it, we usually don’t wear or use most of our clothes. So it doesn’t make much sense to move it. Once you have sorted everything out by season or room for packing, set aside things to get rid of. These surplus items are perfect for you to sell online. You can also give them away or donate them to many shelters that need them. Either way, you will decrease the pile of things giving you headaches, which is also one of the ways of decreasing your overall moving cost.

Get the packing supplies and pack

Packing supplies are important for your clothes. For folded items, your best bet is to get sturdy and quality boxes. You can buy them or source them out and repurpose them. There are specialty garment boxes you can also buy. Or for some clothes, you can use vacuum-sealed bags to decrease their volume and make them easier to handle. These bags provide quality protection for your things.

DIY supplies and DIY packing

However, you can also improvise. Many people leave their clothes in the dresser and move them together as they are. Some clothes you can pack in empty suitcases without investing in boxes. You can also use garbage bags to envelop hanging clothes with their hangers as they are. All of these ideas save you time and money on supplies so consider using them.

A person packing clothes into a suitcase is one way to pack your clothes for moving
Besides using moving supplies you can also improvise so be creative

Once you decide how to pack your clothes for moving keep in mind to be extra careful. You don’t want to create and wrinkle your clothes too much. Some of these items can get permanently damaged if not handled properly. So invest some time and effort into packing clothes.

In short

Knowing how to pack your clothes for moving is important. The more you know and the better you are at it the whole process will be simpler and faster. It will also be cheaper not to mention less trying and boring.

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