How to organize your family move in Benbrook

Moving the entire household, and dealing with your daily activities and your job – for sure seems like a challenge. If you have kids and need to take care of them, too, you need to be very serious about handling the move and planning everything. Luckily, we are here to help you out. We made a simple, yet so effective guide on how to organize your family move in Benbrook, and relocate with ease. Let’s start!

It’s never to early to start moving preparation

As we mentioned, the biggest challenge when moving a family household is the number of tasks you need to do in a day. That’s why moving preparations need to be smoothly included in your everyday chores, without leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Well, to do that successfully – you really need to start on time. Even though it’s possible to move your family in a hurry – it’s best if you start planning on time. If you make a good moving checklist and organize your tasks by weeks and days, you won’t feel as much pressure and therefore finish everything on time.  So, grab a notebook (or do this on your mobile) and make a moving checklist – write everything you need to do, including buying all the packing supplies, making necessary payments, etc.

Don’t forget the moving budget

Planning your finances should be taken very seriously since family moves can get pretty expensive. There’s a lot to think about – buying all the necessary supplies, getting the precise moving quote, travel costs, etc. Make a list and see how much money you need – this will help not spend more than necessary. If you feel that it’s too much, there are ways to cut down your moving costs. Here are some tips:

  • save on packing supplies – buy exactly what you need, and try to find some for free. You can also use the items in your home as containers – plastic bags, gym bags, suitcases, etc.
  • hire someone reliable to help you move – avoid all the unnecessary risks of getting in danger and spending more than necessary by hiring a reliable moving company – like Evolution Moving Fort Worth. A company like this will not surprise you with some hidden costs or offer too expensive moving services. Also, hiring a local company is always a more affordable solution. 
  • move off-season – if you’re flexible with your moving date, you can pick some less popular moving periods, which often result in more affordable moving rates.
A small wooden house on the grass.
When you need to organize your family move in Benbrook, you need to think of every detail – this way you’ll have everything under control.

Make your move simpler

A large family home is full of memories, but often there is clutter and unnecessary things. To organize your family move in Benbrook with ease, try to simplify your move as much as possible. One oft he ways to do it is decluttering your old house from al the items you won’t need in the new home. Removing clutter is also very important if you’re moving into a smaller house – making more space is precious. Old toys, outgrown clothes, old magazines, broken items – there are probably a lot of things on this list. And if something is in a great condition but yous simply don’s use it – you can simply sell it online or in a garage sale. This could be a fitness machine, computer parts, too many winter clothes – which you won’t need when moving to Benbrook, Texas.

Pack like a pro

The biggest task on the list when organizing your family move in Benbrook is packing. Family homes have a lot of stuff, so you need to be strategic about this. Unless you’re taking professional packing services, you need to do everything to pack like a pro by yourself. Here are some ways to do it.

Have a strategy

You need to have some kind of plan when you start packing your house. It’s good to have a strategy and pack systematically. You can pack room by room, and start with the items your family doesn’t use that often, and finish with everyday things.

Color code boxes by rooms

One of the ways to make move-out and move-in a lot faster is to mark boxes by different colors. This system should depend on where each box should go – one color belongs to one room. This way, movers will take boxes to appropriate rooms, making your unpacking process a lot faster.

moving boxes
Deal with the packing process like a pro – stay organized even with moving boxes for an easier relocation.


Grab some markers and write what’s inside each box. Write the contents on the lid of each box, so you can find items much quicker. Making an inventory is also a good idea – you can take photos and make a gallery on your phone to save time.

Get some additional help

With the proper professional help, relocating in this area doesn’t have to be so hard. However, if you need some additional help – it’s good to have your own ‘team’. Your relatives or friends can help you out with packing or taking care of your pets or children while you’re moving out. You can even make an event out of packing – order some pizzas and get refreshments and organize a packing party with your friends. 

A boy in a moving box.
Your family’s safety is the most important factor when you want to organize your family move in Benbrook

Protect your family

When you need to organize your family move in Benbrook, don’t forget hygiene and protection. Get enough protective face masks and gloves, and, of course, disinfect all the items being transported. If you’re renting a moving truck – prepare it for your items. Clean and disinfect everything before you start loading the boxes. Furthermore, be sure to clean all the door handles, staircase handrails – everything you and your movers touch multiple times on a moving day. This way you will ensure a safe relocation for your family – the most important thing when moving.

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