How to organize a long-distance move without breaking the bank

Moving can be very expensive, especially if you are moving to another state or country. This is why many people wonder if a long-distance move without breaking the bank, is possible or not? If it is, how to accomplish that? Save money when moving and know how to cut some of the moving costs. Preparing your finances before the relocation is a must, no matter how big (or small) your budget is.

Tips and tricks – long-distance move without breaking the bank

You should know that planning your moving budget is one of the first steps to take when moving to a new place. After choosing where to move (the city where you are moving to) it is time to organize your upcoming relocation. If you are worried about the moving costs – there are some ways that will help you save money and cut some of the moving costs with ease.

coins and a calculator for long-distance move without breaking the bank
You need some simple steps that may help you accomplish it.

Make a budget

To save money, you need to know how much money can you spend in the first place. Make a budget for a long-distance relocation and it is highly recommended to have some money besides, just in case. Explore the average cost of a long-distance relocation and what factors affect those costs. Especially is important to plan a budget for moving abroad because it is not easy to be a foreigner.

Declutter before packing

The moving cost depends also on the size and weight of your move. If you want a long-distance move without breaking the bank, be careful when you are moving to a new home. Separate items you want to move and want to get rid of. For example, if you didn’t use something for more than a year, you probably don’t need it. Why pay more for transportation for those kinds of items? Items you don’t want/need, you can:

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Toss

Get free packing supplies

Don’t pay for moving boxes if you can get them for free. For example, supermarkets can give you different size moving boxes. Only, it is recommended to have new and firm boxes for fragile items. Also, you can make the process cost-effective if you are using soft materials and newspapers for wrapping.

Calendar book, February.
Moving off-season will save you money

Move off-season

Moving during the summer months is more expensive because movers are busier. More people are moving during summer because kids are not in school and people are taking days off from work. If you are able to move in December or January it may save you money.

Rent a moving truck

If you are not going to hire a moving company, one of the cheapest options is to rent a moving truck and move by yourself. If you have experience with driving a van or a truck, it may be a good option. A long-distance move without breaking the bank is possible even if you are hiring full-service movers as well.

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