How to label boxes like a pro

Moving homes can be an exciting experience for you and your family. When the time eventually comes to pack all your things into boxes and relocate you might be stuck asking yourself the question. Where did all these things actually come from?, and how on earth can I organize it all? A delivery truck arriving full of identically labeled boxes is a mover’s nightmare. This can make things extra difficult for you and anyone helping. Luckily there are some simple tips you can follow to give yourself the best chance to label boxes like a pro and be even more organized at the same time.

Create a moving timeline

Moving is sometimes chaotic. That is why many people rely on apps to help them organize a move. However, if you make a clear plan for yourself – that won’t be necessary, as you will be prepared for all stages of your move. These simple steps will get you ready for the next stages of the big move.

Develop an easy system to label boxes like a pro

There are many different ways for you and your family to get creative when labeling your boxes. Different color coding methods or even patterns can be used on your sealed boxes. Whether one room is a specific color, or you have a shape to represent it. Clearly showing these things on your boxes will make sure you have a good way of keeping everything organized.

a man sealing the cardboard box with tape
Make sure that your boxes are sealed tightly

Use the correct equipment

There are many different expenses that come with moving. Purchasing good quality waterproof markers to label your boxes and having the correct boxes to pack into is essential. Good equipment is more sturdy and durable and is less likely to break costing you money. If you labeling your boxes with waterproof markers be sure to write on each side the location the box came from. As well as the location the box is headed.

A creative way of labeling your boxes might also be to use different stickers. These are easy to match and the kids will love it!
By successfully labeling your boxes on all sides you can ensure that you or your movers won’t get confused when you arrive at your new house. There is nothing worse than having to spin a box around multiple times to find where it is from. This also will probably break what is inside the box.

Create a numbering system

Depending on how organized you really want to be, further numbering systems can be used for labeling your packed boxes. You can label each box with the room it came from, as well as the number of boxes you have from that room. Matching the room name and the number of boxes that were in that room will make it easier for you. Also, this will make sure nothing was lost during your big move.

Sharing these systems with your movers is a good idea as you begin packing your house into the vans. If you have chosen a good moving company, and have been clear with your labeling, you should have a very quick and pleasant move.


a board with numerous post-it notes
Write down everything, that is how you will forget nothing

Being organized and taking your time is important if you want to label boxes like a pro when moving homes. By taking the extra steps to label your boxes correctly, you may find the big move you have been planning is easier than you once thought. 

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