How to find the best Chicago movers for your relocation

The city of Chicago is a great choice for your relocation, regardless of the reason for your move! Whether you have been offered a new job, the opportunity to go to a state university or just a chance to make a change in your life, Windy City is the place to be. With its four-season climate, rich history and bold architecture, this city will sweep you off your feet. Also, Chicago is the third-most populous city in the US, so no doubt you are moving to a place where there is a lot going on. The city is also known for good combination of affordability and availability of houses for rent or buying. Once you pick your new home, all you need is finding the best Chicago movers for your relocation. This might not be an easy task, but we surely hope this article will be of great help to you.

First steps in finding reputable Chicago movers

There are several things to take into consideration when trying to find Chicago movers that will best fit your needs. Since you will be new to the city, ask some of the locals for the recommendation. Take time to read through reviews on legitimate websites and ask several companies for a free estimate. Getting a free moving quote is your starting point. After comparing several given quotes, you should try and find reviews of these companies online, so you know what you are dealing with.

What to be careful about when choosing a moving company

There are a lot of illegitimate moving companies with the main intent of taking your money, so be extra careful when choosing your Chicago movers. You should pay attention to the following:

  • reviews of a certain company on certified websites
  • company license and insurance
  • type of contract offered

How to separate good Chicago movers from the bad ones

Even after you receive several referrals and recommendations for a Chicago moving company, you should check their reputation. The best way of checking company’s reputation online is looking if it had complaints filed against them. If you find many complaints and bad reviews, you should definitely cross them off your list and continue your search. Narrow your choice to at least three Chicago moving companies, and ask from all of them to give you an in-person estimate. The reason for this request is that the estimate will be more accurate if movers see the number of your belongings you are planning to move. Another thing you should ask the movers to show you is their working license and proof that they are insured. You do not want something to happen to your things during transport and then not be able to claim a refund.

Stack of packed boxes
Find the professionals to help you move with ease

Signing a contract

Before you make your final decision on which Chicago movers you will choose, what type of quote and contract they are offering is another thing to check. Some companies will offer you what is known as a non-binding quote, which means you will not be offered with the fixed price for services you need. Instead, the price will be a result of the weight and size of your belongings. This can be a risky choice as it is leaving enough space for this moving company to add some extra costs at the end of this transition. We recommend choosing the Chicago movers that will offer you a binding contract to sign. That way you will know the exact amount of money you need to spend on this Chicago relocation. Also, you will ensure that you get a refund in case any of your valuables get damaged during transportation.

Signing contract with Chicago movers
Make sure that your Chicago movers offer you a contract to sign

Time for packing

You have now picked the best Chicago moving company for your relocation, and you have also found the beautiful house near lake Michigan you will be staying in. It is time to start thinking about packing. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, there are always things to consider leaving behind, as you definitely don’t need to bring all of them. If you are moving with your family, kids’ toys storing is something you need to think about. You already have almost everything you need in your new home, so try to pack light. You can pack yourself but we recommend leaving it to the Chicago movers you have chosen for this relocation. They are professionals at their work and will make this relocation experience stress-free.

Bring only the essentials

Chicago is known to be a city where having a car is a rare commodity, so make sure you sell your vehicle before you go, as you will not be needing it there. But if you, for example, own a bike, bring it with you as there is a trend among Chicagoans of using the bike to get to work. It is not only eco-friendly but is good for your health as well. Do not bring furniture and kitchen appliances with you, give them away to your friends or sell them on e-bay. You can even organize a garage sale and therefore include all family members in this fun activity. This way you will make them get rid of as much of their stuff as possible. Pack your clothes, personal documentation, some favorite pieces of furniture and musical instruments if you have them.

Kid selling toys on a garage sale
Ask your kids to participate in a garage sale

Final preparations

Your belongings have been sold or given away and essentials packed and you are now only a few days away from the arrival of your Chicago movers. You have already gone through the house and checked multiple times if there is anything you might have left behind. This is the perfect moment for you to lay back and catch up on some reading on Chicago, its culture, nature, educational system and entertainment it is offering.

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