How to find a good moving truck in Jersey City

Are you moving from Jersey City or within the city? One of the options to consider when moving items is renting a moving vehicle and to transport all your household items by yourself. If you want to move this way, find a good moving truck in Jersey City first. We know how to choose the best one.

What size of a moving truck do you need for Jersey City relocation?

First of all, understand moving truck sizes and types:

  • Pickup
  • Cargo van
  • Small truck
  • Medium truck
  • Large truck
A view of Jersey City.
When moving in Jersey City, decide how you will transport your household items

Depending on your home size and how many items you need to transport, you will need a different moving truck. For example, for a small studio apartment, a cargo van should be enough, but if you need to move more 3 or more bedrooms, rent a large truck, which is the biggest option (24 to 26-foot truck). Moving trucks comes in different sizes – from 10 to 20 foot, so first separate items you need to relocate to a new home and then choose the size of a truck. If you want to save money on your New Jersey move, then try to move fewer items.

If you change your mind and want to hire a company to move your items locally

Moving locally is not simple, it does not matter if you are moving within the same city. If you don’t have experience with driving a moving truck, you should not move by yourself. Get full service instead and you will not have to worry about a thing. Driving a vehicle that belongs to someone else can be an issue for many people. When it comes to the price, it is a little bit higher to hire a full-service mover but at least you won’t deal with relocation.

A good moving truck in Jersey City.
If driving a moving truck seems too scary for you, then hire professionals to do it

Tips on how to get a good moving truck in Jersey City

Follow these steps below and you will hire the best rental truck company from Jersey City, NJ.

  • Ask friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family for recommendations if they moved recently in Jersey City. If they are satisfied, there are great chances you will be too, so ask for a company contact info.
  • Contact the moving company, Ample Moving New Jersey, and some other companies and ask about moving vehicles and services they offer. Don’t hire the first company you will find, always research.
  • To find a good moving truck in Jersey City, do research online. Explore their official website, read reviews, check social media profiles, Yelp, etc.
  • Get a binding quote from a company you want to hire. Know all the costs in advance and get that info in writing. Compare moving companies, their prices, and conditions of moving trucks.

Find a good moving truck in Jersey City, NJ if you already know how to drive it safely. Without putting yourself and your items in danger. Before you sign any document, read it carefully and don’t sign a blank contract when hiring a moving company.

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