How to disinfect your home during a global pandemic?

These days, self-isolation has become a way of life. People have no option but to do everything possible to protect themselves from COVID-19. The virus transmits via airborne droplets, and he can stay viable for at least several hours or possibly much longer. Therefore, it’s important to decontaminate any surfaces where those droplets could land. So, here are some tips on how to disinfect your home during a global pandemic.

Disinfect your home during a global pandemic – Basic tips

First, let’s start with the basic tips for disinfecting your home. Some of them are:

  • Clean your home daily. Plus, keep cleaning things around when required.
  • Before and after cleaning the house, make sure you clean your hands. Al least for 20 seconds.
  • Use disinfectants that are alcohol-based.
  • If you’re using wipes, pick the ones that promise to kill 99.9 percent germs.
  • Use sanitizers with at least 60 percent alcohol content in it. 
  • Wash kids’ toys and use 10 tips for storing kids’ toys.
  • You don’t have cleaning spray or wipes? Combine several drops of dish soap and a spoon of salt in a small bowl of lukewarm water. Use that for cleaning.
  • Use Dettol, Savlon for disinfection as well for cleaning.
  • Never use the same water for different activities. 
  • Constantly clean bathroom surfaces. 
  • After you use the sponge to clean the house, scrub it with hot water.
Girl Mop Cleaning - Disinfect your home during a global pandemic
It’s very important to disinfect your home during a global pandemic.

Know what are high-touch surfaces

High-touch surfaces are places that you touch the most. Like doorknobs, handles, light switches, drawers, refrigerator and microwave doors. Then, side tables, back of the chair, coffee machine, door, windows, wardrobe, toys, toilet seat. Makeup products are in this category also. So, learn how to clean makeup and beauty tools. Next, electronic devices, TV remote, dining tables and more. So, be sure you clean these surfaces every day. It’s a mandate that you can’t miss at any cost.

Door Knob
Clean high-touch surfaces daily.

Disinfect your home during a global pandemic – What to clean and where?

In this crisis, it’s essential to understand what, where and how things need to be cleaned. Here’s how you need to do it right.

  • Plants – Clean your plants, then you can use arranging your plants after the move – a useful guide.
  • Kitchen – This place is one of the best victims of the virus. So, have a bottle of disinfectant just a hand away. Clean the fridge, microwave, food platforms, vegetable drawers. Metal and silverware products get easily infected. Also, it’s advisable to throw the grocery bags coming from outside. And, empty the kitchen trash daily.
  • Bathroom – Virus stay longer on the wet surfaces than on the hard ones. So, once you use towels, put it out to dry. Clean the taps, handles, knobs, mats, and the floor of the washroom. Also, empty the bathroom trash and toilet seat daily.
  • Laundry – First, when you come from outside, put the clothes immediately for a wash. Use gloves to collect clothes from all around the house. Wash your laundry in lukewarm water. Always add disinfectant in your clothes. 
  • Bedroom – Clean curtain, side tables, television, curtains, and bedsheets. Frequently change the linen.
  • Accessories – Sanitize your watch, shoes, and jewelry with a spray as much as possible before wearing them.

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