Home staging ideas for your West Virginia house

When you plan to put your West Virginia house on the market, you need ideas to increase the probability of a quick sale. Making the home stand out and impressing people who walk in greatly increases the likelihood of a quick sale. You know that first impressions matter, right? So, here are some home staging ideas for your West Virginia house. 

What is home staging?

So, what’s home staging? Well, it’s the art of decorating a home to emphasize its beauty and finer details. It allows potential buyers to envision themselves living inside this home better. If you do it correctly, you’ll improve the chances of selling a house much quicker than it would have otherwise. You can also learn what are home essentials to buy before moving in and increase the chances even more.

House Interior
These home staging ideas for your West Virginia house will help you sell the property faster.

Home staging ideas for your West Virginia house – Declutter

Space sells when people are looking for a new home. So, create the illusion of a bigger home by decluttering and staging the essentials. But, you don’t have to throw away all the items you can’t stage. Since you’re selling the house and moving interstate, you should pack them with the rest of your belongings and relocate them into the new home. But, make sure you find reliable people to do the job. There are many fraudulent companies, so be careful when choosing. Move all the excess furniture items, games, books, electronics, toys, décor, and anything else that’s not needed in your daily life.


Every visible and non-visible surface of your West Virginia house needs to be squeaky clean. From the windows and curtains to the cabinets’ top and baseboards. There should be no untouched surface. For buyers, a clean home sends a message of the good condition of the property. Plus, it makes a great overall impression. You can even use a move out cleaning checklist because it has similar steps to the cleaning you’ll do for staging purposes.

Don’t personalize the house

Allow the buyer to envision themselves living in the space. The best way to do that is by serving them a blank canvas. Of course, the house shouldn’t be plain and boring, it should still have charm. But, make sure there are no items that remind buyers that the home is still yours.

Home staging ideas for your West Virginia house- Aim for a light and bright look

Buyers usually love to see bright rooms. So, lighting is a crucial part of staging a house. Before showing, make sure you open blinds or pull back curtains. Also, ensure your light fixtures look appealing. Learn how to make the lighting in your home modern. Then, if your lampshades are dingy or your fixtures are old, replace them. 

House Mirror - Home staging ideas for your West Virginia house
Make sure your house is light and bright.

Other home staging ideas for your West Virginia house

  • Stage important rooms first. Spend time and effort focusing on the rooms most important to buyers. Those rooms are the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom.
  • Keep it neutral. Neutral colors don’t distract from the home’s features. 
  • Make sure your West Virginia house looks and smells fresh. You can do this easily by incorporating a few plants when home staging. Having a couple of well-placed plants will make your house feels much fresher. Plus, it will add a nice touch to accent the rooms. 
  • Arrange the furniture so it maximizes the space available in your home.

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