Guidelines for renting a moving truck

No matter if you are moving locally or moving out of state , you must rent a good moving truck. A good moving van will ensure that your belongings are transported safely. To help you chose a good van, we have guidelines for renting a moving truck.

Our guidelines for renting a moving truck

See what size of a truck do you need

The first guideline to follow before renting and packing your moving truck is what is the right size for you. To determent what size you need, you will need to measure out your living area and your furniture. Get a measuring tap and go around your house or apartment and write everything down. Now see if some of your furniture can be disassembled. You will need to check this because it can save you money if you get a smaller truck. Don’t just measure out everything and think you are finished. Call your moving truck renting company, and give them the information. They will usually give you a good recommendation. Get a van that is bigger than needed to be safe.

an image of measuring tape
Measuring is one of the guidelines when renting a moving truck.

Check with multiple rental companies

To minimize your overall moving cost, you should do some research. Call at least three renting companies and ask for their price. Give all of the companies the same information about your move. Compare the prices and pick one that best matches your needs. Don’t go for the one with the lower price if it’s not meeting your requirements.

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Reviews will help you make the right choice

Read the reviews, ask for a recommendation

A good practice before renting a moving van is to read reviews. See if your friends have any recommendations. Reading as many reviews will help you with seeing what kind of company you are about to work with. Bad reviews usually mean bad service, in this case, bad moving trucks. You don’t want to have your van break down in the middle of nowhere. But the best thing is if you can get a recommendation from your friends that have used somebody’s service. Don’t try just to cut moving costs ┬ábut just the best for the money you are paying.

 Check if there are any additional fees

A company that rents moving trucks might want to earn extra money by attacking extra fees. These fees may include that the van costs more during peak moving times. That you have to pay for gas, how many miles you travel, etc. To avoid getting suppressed in the end by the bill, learn about extra fees. This will also prevent you from paying the rental company more money.

The last in our list of guidelines for renting a moving truck is to check if you have a license to drive it

Finally, on our list of guidelines for renting a moving truck is to check if you can drive it. A moving truck is a commercial vehicle. If you don’t have a proper license, get someone who has.

Good luck!

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