Guide to classic Chicago houses

Beside its soaring sky-high buildings, Chicago is also famous for its architecture. When you walk through the residential areas of this city, you can’t miss the distinct architectural styles of the city’s homes. But, here’s a guide to classic Chicago houses.

The Bungalow

Let’s start this guide to classic Chicago houses with the bungalow. There are more than 100,000 bungalows in the Chicago metro area. The characterization of the bungalow is one-and-a-half stories and brick construction. Then, street-facing verandas and full basements. The Chicago bungalow is usually built with limestone accents, dormered roof, and concrete entry stairs. The common interior layout consists of a living room, dining room, and kitchen on one side of the building. The other side has a series of bedrooms and a bathroom. The attic had enough storage so you can use those 10 tips for storing kids’ toys. Also, many homes feature a back porch. 

Chicago Houses Street- Guide to classic Chicago houses
Read this guide to classic Chicago houses before buying a property.

Guide to classic Chicago houses – The tale frame two-flat

The tale of two-flat homes was a bridge for the working class between apartment life and the single-family bungalows that were to follow. Two-flats are made of wood, brick, or stone. Also, they come in a variety of architectural styles. So, if you like this home type, hire the movers to help you move without any trouble to new Chicago neighborhood. Start your new life here.

The Chicago greystone

As the name suggests, the house is typically grey. With a distinct limestone facade, the multi-flat greystone is Chicago’s version of the NY brownstone. You can find them in a variety of ornamentation styles. But, the most common treatment is a simplified Classical Revival. These houses are both single-family homes and multi-family buildings. Despite their size, they are always built with the limestone facade facing the street. But, if you plan to buy a house like this, you must have somebody to help you choose the best one. That somebody is a home inspector. However, before hiring make sure you know some tips to hire a good home inspector. He can tell you everything you need to know about the house that you want.

Guide to classic Chicago houses – The courtyard building

The distinct with U-shape courtyard building is built around green space visible from the street. The units were initially sold as luxury housing. A front entrance stairwell shares only 5 neighbors. House has a large back staircase, and the design allows good cross-ventilation. So, these buildings offer a very pleasant city living. Now all you have to do is find movers on sites like and hire them to help you relocate here. 

Courtyard House
Courtyard building is another common Chicago house.

The worker cottage

So, what defines the worker cottage? Well, they are long and narrow. Also, they have a gable (triangular) end facing the street. Worker cottages are usually set on a raised basement. They have public spaces that direct to the street and family spaces to the alley behind. Remnants of these house types show up all around the city. But, the Chicago Landmarks commission mentions them specifically in Lincoln Park.

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