Gowanus moving hacks – how to prepare like a pro?

Moving from Gowanus or to Gowanus soon? How to prepare like a pro? Are there any moving hacks that you can use for Gowanus relocation? Yes, there are. We can help you with moving preparation and organization. NYC relocation is stressful and difficult, but not impossible.

Facts about Gowanus

If you are moving to Gowanus, part of the preparation is to learn something about this neighborhood in Brooklyn.

  • There was a baby minke whale spotted in the Gowanus Canal. But, unfortunately, she did not survive.
  • Gowanus has a long history. Gowanus had a pivotal role during the Revolutionary War.
  • The Gaslight District was the previous name of Gowanus because of gas plants.
  • One of the oldest concrete buildings is located here in Gowanus – the Coignet building.
  • You can canoe in the Gowanus canal. Try it after moving here.
A view of Brooklyn bridge.
Gowanus is a small and charming neighborhood in Brooklyn you should explore

Moving hacks for Gowanus relocation

To make your relocation less stressful and successful, you definitely need some tips and tricks, especially if you are moving for the first time. But, don’t worry. You are not the only one who needs help with relocation.

Preparing for the move

You must start from somewhere. From where? What are the first steps when moving?

  • Write a moving checklist or download it online. It is one of the moving hacks that will help you not to forget anything when moving. No matter how much time you have to prepare a move, a moving checklist is essential.
  • Create a moving budget. How much money can you spend on relocation? Do you need to cut some of the moving costs if your budget is not that big?
  • What is your timeline? Are you moving on short notice or you have more time to prepare? Create a timeline, especially if you are moving a business.
  • How you will transport your items to Gowanus or from Gowanus? Decide will you hire a professional moving company. If you will, then start researching and comparing moving quotes. It is easier and safer to have a moving company on your side to help you.
  • Take inventory of what will you move, so you will know the costs of your relocation. If you will hire a moving company, then they will come to do an in-home moving estimate.
  • Search for a new home and hire a local real estate agent. Create a budget for monthly rent and explore the real estate market in Gowanus (if you are moving there).
 A moving dolly.
Get enough packing supplies and the proper moving equipment

Packing hacks

Packing will take you most of the time when moving, for sure. It is exhausting, difficult fun, and emotional, all at the same time.

  • First, collect enough packing supplies. You will nee moving boxes, air bubble foil, tape, moving blankets, etc. If you want all the packing supplies to be delivered to your home, Movers 101 can help you with that task. If your budget is not big, try to find moving boxes for free.
  • For lifting heavy and large furniture, you will need help from a couple of strong friends.
  • Declutter before you start to pack. This way, you can pack less and you will save money. You probably don’t need all the items you have right now, and also keep in mind that some items are forbidden to relocate. Decluttering will help you to have a cheaper move. Local relocation can be fast and affordable with a few simple tips.
  • Start early with packing, because it will take more time than you think. Even with moving hacks, you can be late with packing, especially if you have young kids and you can pack only when they are sleeping.
  • Don’t forget to pack an essential box. It is a box that you will need during money and a few days after moving. For example, water non-perishable food, toiletries, clothing for a few days, linens, towels, etc.
  • Label all the moving boxes on the top of the box and on at least one side of the box.
  • Don’t overpack moving boxes because you won’t be able to lift it and you can damage items that are inside.
  • Pay special attention when packing fragile items and use enough wrapping material.
  • Keep documents, jewelry, and other valuables with you on a moving day. Don’t pack them with other items.

Hiring professional packers

If the packing process sounds too much for you to handle, then you probably should hire professional packers to do the hard work. If you have art, musical instruments, heavy and large furniture, it is hard to pack those items. The safest way is to leave it to the professionals and not to worry. Get your free estimate and know in advance how much full-service moving will cost you.

Professionals packing moving boxes.
If you don’t have time to pack, hire a company who can handle it better than you will – that’s one of the moving hacks

Prepare for a moving day

When the final moving day comes, what to do?

  • Get up early and organize your entire day. Make sure you have your essential moving box prepared too.
  • If you are moving with kids (toddlers) ask your parents to help you watch them while loading and unloading items from a moving vehicle.
  • Don’t rush, because you will make mistakes and damage items during moving.
  • Clean your new home before unpacking moving boxes. If you moved locally, clean it a few days before moving day.
  • First, unpack kids’ items and plan where to store kids’ toys and other items. Also, make sure to make your new home childproof as soon as possible.
Creating a moving checklist and writing down moving hacks.
Create a moving checklist for a period after moving too


Now when you have all these moving hacks, your relocation should be much easier. Don’t panic and follow the moving checklist you created. Also, ask friends and family for help. Moving is not a job for one person, especially not packing. Good luck with your Gowanus relocation.

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